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The Crystal Case: 8 Ways To Incorporate Crystals For A Sparkly Look

The Crystal Case: 8 Ways To Incorporate Crystals For A Sparkly Look

Nothing rivals rhinestone-studded eyes. Not only do they dramatise your look, they’re exceedingly versatile in the way that they frame your face. And, no, they’re not exclusive to the cast of Euphoria. They’re very wearable IRL—from dotting the inner-corners of your eyes with gems to fashioning your cheekbones with smatterings of studs, we’ve rounded up 5 celeb-approved looks for you to experiment with.

Elevate Your Makeup Game With Rhinestones Like This…

Camila’s Stud-Embellished Cheeks

I was floored by this look because it’s so unconventional. Camila’s rhinestone-studded aesthetic isn’t limited to her eyes. It drips down from her forehead to the top of her nose, and cuts across her cheekbones. Notice how she’s sporting a stud right under her lower-lids—like a tear-drop. If you’re looking to go all-out with your look, this is it for you. Don’t forget to drench your lids in a wash of glittery blue like Camila.

Doja’s Rhinestone-Studded Cat-Eye

This is much like your standard cat-eye—just that it features rhinestones in the place of flicks. Do you see what I’m talking about? These sparkles compliment a bare face just as well as they flatter dramatic swirls of eyeliner on the lids. You can play into the aesthetic a little more by packing gems into the inner-corners of your eyes—like Doja has done.

Alexa’s Sparkle-Packed Brows

Channel your Maddie alter-ego by dotting your eyebrows with larger-than-life crystals, and marrying the look with the thickest set of flicks like Alexa. You can extend the liner into the inner-corners of the eyes, and accentuate your lashes with falsies.

Dua’s Crystal-Encrusted Lids

This Dua Lipa look reigns supreme—what with a line-up of studs bordering her lids (upper and lower). This is another way you can employ crystals into your look—by simply sticking a couple of them along your lids. Just like Dua, you can do a cut-crease, and add a wing to the equation before proceeding to the rhinestones.

Sydney’s Clustered Lids

What do you think about clustering your lids with sparkles? Set the base with a hue of gold, and layer it with an orange-ish shade towards the bottom of the lids as well as the outer-corners of the eye. Conclude with a fiery-red cat-eye, and place your crystals along the wing, above your upper-lid, and toward the inner-corners of the eyes.

Vanessa’s Colour-Packed Peppers

Just like Vanessa, you can frame your jet-black wing with a hue of green, and cluster your upper-lid with a bunch of colourful gems.

Jennie’s Gem-Lined Nose

How do you feel about a cluster of gems spanning the bridge of your nose? Because Jennie seems to love it. And it’s edgy, isn’t it?

Gigi’s Dotted Lower Lid

Or try it the Gigi-way with a lone bindi-like gem dotting the lower-lid.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure I’m trying these this weekend!

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25 May 2022

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