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Struggle With Facial Redness? Here’s How You Can Mask It With & Without Makeup

Struggle With Facial Redness? Here’s How You Can Mask It With & Without Makeup

Do you often wake up with redness on your skin? As long as the pigmentation isn’t too severe or intense, there’s no need to panic. Redness on your face is common and can happen due to numerous reasons such as an allergic reaction, using products with harsh chemicals, trying out too many products at one go, having drunk too much alcohol the previous night and so on. 

As with everything else, there’s a remedy for this too. Depending on whether you prefer to wear makeup or you like to go bare-faced, you can cover up this redness with the help of makeup or other products. Wondering how? Read on.

Conceal With Makeup

Step 1: Moisturise like you do regularly. This will nourish and smoothen your skin. 

Step 2: Start by applying a primer that will create a barrier between your skin and makeup, thereby reducing the chances of any kind of irritation. 

Step 3: Once your base is set, use a yellow or green-tinted colour corrector to counteract the redness. 

Step 4: Apply concealer using a wide brush for better coverage. But remember to not overdo it just because you want to cover up the redness. 

Step 5: Set up the concealer with the help of a yellow-toned loose powder and you are good to go!


Conceal Without Makeup

Step 1: Maybe you haven’t realised, but it’s time for you to reassess your facewash. Dryness is one skin condition with facilitates red colouration. Therefore, if your face cleanser is leaving your skin dry and patchy, you need to switch to a fragrance and silicone free hydrating cleanser. 

Step 2: Do not scrub your skin. Scrubbing is only going to cause inflammation and aggravate redness in such a scenario. It is best you strictly avoid it.

Step 3: Make sure you are only patting your skin with a towel to dry it and not wiping your face with the towel. Chances are you will only unsettle your skin further if your rub towel against redness.

Step 4: This is the final step where all you need to do is use a hydrating face cream or jelly which will provide your skin a strong shield from external irritants. It is the best to look for gels or creams with ingredients such as peptides, ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Next time, you can use either of these techniques to say bye bye to redness!

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15 Jul 2020

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