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Sexy Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Go Down On You (Without Being Pushy)

Sexy Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Go Down On You (Without Being Pushy)

If you were to rank sexy bedroom moves, in the order of most favourite to least, we bet that oral sex will be on the top of your list. Oral sex is the best way to get an orgasm for most women. While you may or may not orgasm after intercourse, a good oral session will make sure you have not only one but multiple orgasms. However, sometimes women don’t get what they give. A study conducted in 2012 found that 6 out of 10 women have accepted the fact that they don’t get the ‘favour’ back despite going down on their man. 

The same study suggested that 49 per cent of women are actually too shy to tell their partners that they want their partner to go down on them. Oral sex plays an important role in having satisfying sex. But we understand that it may be hard for you to talk to your partner about it. So we’ve listed 7 sexy and easy ways you can tell your partner that you want some action down south.

Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Go Down On You

Read on to know a few easy ways that will get your man to go down on you just the way you want!

Speak to him about it


Like the study stated, 49 per cent of women are shy to tell their partners that they want oral sex. Conveying what you feel is a ground-rule number one not only for oral sex but for a healthy sex-life in general. Talk to your partner about how you feel and tell them how important it is for you. It is up to you to communicate what you desire. Drop some hints while you’re at it. That will surely help!

Lead him down there

Lead him down with your fingers or your hands. Whisper in his ears, tell him what you want and show him the way. 

Take care of your lady parts


When your man brings his face down there, he should have a good experience. It is very important to keep your lady parts clean. Wash your yourself every day and change your undergarments every day. This will keep your vagina from getting funky odours.

Make some noise!

Moaning usually tells your partner that you’re having a good time. However, dirty talking while you’re at it also helps a lot. When the heat between the sheets is turned up, whisper softly in his ears and request him to go down on you. This is the best time to hit the spot. Well, quite literally!

Wear enticing lingerie


Some good looking sexy lingerie does wonders to one’s sex life. Turn him on by wearing the sexiest lingerie you have. Look good for him and get him to play with your panties while you caress him. Let him take his time while he is at it and slowly take them off to hint what you want to say. This will surely help.

Watch porn with him

Pick porn that involves oral sex. Watching porn with your partner can increase the chances of having a steamy session in bed. Tell your partner what you like and be like, “Hey! I’d love for you to do this to me”. 

Tell him it’s important to you


If your man doesn’t seem to be picking on your hints or is too hesitant, it’s time to be direct with him. Tell him that oral sex is a very important part of your sex life, and how much you would love for him to pleasure you that way. Sit down and have a proper conversation. If he truly loves you, he’ll understand and will be eager to please you. 

Now that you’ve communicated what you wanted, go ahead and get that big O!

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22 Jul 2020

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