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10 Easy Tips To Get Fit… Fast! (Without Any Equipment)

10 Easy Tips To Get Fit… Fast! (Without Any Equipment)

Girls, fitness shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice for you, it should be a priority. Being fit doesn’t just help in increasing your metabolism and immunity levels, it improves your efficiency in other aspects of life as well. Even if it is not possible for you to hit the gym every day, here are 10 easy steps to get fit… fast!

1. Order the salad!

Good nutrition is a vital component of having a healthy lifestyle. In combination with physical activity, your everyday diet can help you to reach and maintain a desirable weight, reduce the risk of several chronic diseases (like heart diseases and cancer), and improve your overall health. So, yes, by all means, have a cheat day, but do monitor and regulate your diet.

1 ways to get fit

2. Take the stairs

Climb the staircase of your multi-storeyed office building, walk at every chance you get to, instead of taking the lift or the escalator. We know, there is a great temptation not to, but trust us, the number of steps you take, the more calories you burn every day.

3. Go for a morning run!

If you don’t like confining yourself to an indoor gym, a morning jogging session gives you the opportunity to breathe fresh air and engage with your environment while maintaining your fitness regime. For good running shoes we recommend the new Reebok Floatride shoes. They come with an innovative cushioning technology that does not compromise on comfort or responsiveness! So you can basically float through your run.

3 ways to get fit

4. Create a mini home gym

Yes, you heard that right. Reps of efficient exercises like squats, planks, lunges etc can be totally done at the comfort of your own home and so can yoga. So you really don’t have an excuse to not up your fitness game!

5. Use your online resources better

There are literally countless of them – fitness blogs, vlogs and YouTube channels! They demonstrate in great detail on not just how to lose weight but tackle specific problem areas, achieve your diet goals and constantly motivate yourself.

5 ways to get fit

6. Download fitness apps

A majority of these help you monitor your calories, devise a suitable workout plan, lose weight, get in shape and maintain it. Feel free to pick and choose from the many options available online.

7. Weekend marathons

Many cities regularly conduct weekend 5k, 10k runs and hikes! Feel free to look them up and participate. Along with exercising on a daily basis, these runs will help you connect and socialise with similar-minded people. Most importantly, they’ll help burn several hundred calories along the way.

7 ways to get fit

8. Interval training to the rescue

If you are running short of time, interval training will be of great help to you. It basically comprises of a routine of exercises done at a very high intensity, for a couple of minutes followed by a period of rest or slow paced exercise. It is very effective and less time consuming to produce identical effects with any other form of exercise.

9. Hydrate away

Considering the sweltering Indian summer, it is very important to replenish our body during and after exercising and throughout the day. Other kinds of healthy fluids like fruit juices, smoothies are also welcome.

9 ways to get fit

10. Challenge yourself!

Track your progress, up your resistance levels and train harder, longer, stronger on a regular basis. Once you are on a satisfactory fitness track, keep continuing on the steps that got you there in the first place.

*This post is in partnership with Jabong.

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05 Apr 2017

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