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Missing Garmi Ki Chutti? 9 Ways To Keep ‘Em Summer Vibes Alive While Staying At Home

Missing Garmi Ki Chutti? 9 Ways To Keep ‘Em Summer Vibes Alive While Staying At Home

Fourteen years of schooling followed by a minimum of three years of grad school have inculcated in me the feeling that June and July mean a summer vacation. Hanging with friends, going out, partying, going on mall hauls to stock up on fresh fashion and, of course, holidays–the sweet reason we long for summer oh-so-much! Summer vacations are the best. Travelling to a new place, trying new experiences, delectable dishes and whatnot, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Some go to the mountains, others hit beachy locations to relax and unwind. But in 2020, all of us are homebound with no travel plans in the near (or far) future because of the novel coronavirus that’s on a world tour.

Having entered the third month of lockdown, struggling between working from home, deadlines, and the pandemic-shaped sadness lurking in every corner, the need for a break is stronger than ever. Just thinking about all the places I wanna travel to and ‘just looking’ at luxurious properties is the most I’m gonna travel this year, I’ve accepted that. Unless…I bring the vacation home to me! And so can you!

How To Feel Like You’re On Vacation While At Home

There are ways in which you can bring the vacay experience to your home by indulging in activities that you do on a trip. Most of these can be done using resources available at home so that’s one less trip to the grocery store! Read on to find out what itinerary we have planned for you for an at-home vacation with no strings and no reservations attached.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Spa


Draw your curtains, light a scented candle, play some calming music and get the luxurious spa feels at home by treating yourself to some aromatherapy and essential oils. Skincare, body care and mind care–all at once minus the expense of thousands of bucks! Now that’s an appointment you can make every 15 days, right?

Organise Video Call Theme Parties With Friends


Recently, a friend of mine shared pictures from her topical-themed Zoom call party on her Instagram stories and I instantly loved the idea. Everyone looked fantastic and so happy dressed up in resort wear. Hawaii at home, I say! You too can throw such theme parties with your cousins or friends to get ’em vacay feels right at home. Choose a disco theme, a pool party or whatever you want, create a suitable environment with music, drinks and virtual backgrounds, and get partying like it’s Saturday every day!

Plan A Picnic With Your Family


You can set up an omelette station at home and prepare some mimosas to go with it. No one’s judging ‘coz you’re on a vacation, baby! Petition to make that a family tradition even after lockdown, please?!

Take Virtual Tours To Anywhere You Want


Thanks to technology, you can now take virtual tours of museums, national parks, explore the Great Wall of China or even take a trip to Mars online. Plus, you don’t need to spend any money on flights, win-win! Here‘s a list of some amazing virtual tours that you can take without moving from your couch (or having to wake up super early in the morning to avoid the waiting lines and crowds). Double win-win!

Dress Up!

That’s the trick to doing pretty much any activity the right way. Just like you (used to) dress up for work, I’m sure you have a few special pieces of vacation clothing. Ditch your pyjamas and dress up in your chicest vacay outfits for maximum feel. It’s therapeutic, believe me! Not to mention, fun and exciting. Besides, nothing brightens up the day like a good OOTD, why else would you pack your best clothes on a trip?

Cook & Dine On Exotic Dishes From Different Countries


Two months of lockdown are enough to realise that there’s a hidden chef within all of us. Embrace that talent. Take this opportunity to try and nail how to make an exquisite dish from an exquisite land. After all, local cuisine is one of the most important parts of any travel itinerary. Pick a dish you want to make. Prepare a list of additional grocery items if you’ll need any and buy them on your next trip to the store. I, for one, have tried to make the Moroccon Tagine and it feels damn Arabic every time we make it at my house.

Watch Movies That’ll Transport You To Places


Nothing like two hours with a good movie to get the ultimate #TravelGoals! The last couple of years have given us movie releases that make one journey from Kolkata ki galiyaan to Croatia’s coastlines, from the ever glittering Los Angeles to sadda Pind Punjab, truly entertaining. Here’s a list of the best travel movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood that you can binge on during the lockdown and get transported to far off lands.

Spend One Whole Day (Or As Many As You Want) Living Like You’re Somewhere Else


This activity will make you feel like you’re actually on a trip 24*7. Pick a country and spend the whole day doing everything in that country’s style. Create a look and feel that best complements the country, cook different meals from their cuisine, dress up as per the country’s dress code for tourists, etc. etc. I would totally love spending a day eating dumplings and noodles and dressing up in easy-breezy kaftans while listening to oriental music. Actually, make that two days.

Take Loads of Pictures Doing Whatever You Do


And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take loads of pictures! Isn’t that what we do on a vacation anyway? From taking a picture of our plate to hundreds of selfies in cute outfits and different sunset angles, it’s these beautiful memories that we bring back through photographs. You don’t want to miss out on this while you’re vacationing from home. This experience has its own beauty, doesn’t it!

Happy trippin’!

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28 May 2020

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