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So Pretty I Wanna Cry! 5 Ways To Look As Fly As Rachel Green At Work…By Team POPxo

Naina SharmaNaina Sharma  |  Feb 10, 2020
So Pretty I Wanna Cry! 5 Ways To Look As Fly As Rachel Green At Work…By Team POPxo


Who doesn’t like the epic sit-com Friends? And it is not just their friendship that gives us major goals, but also the stunning fashion sense of Rachel Green (particularly), played by Jennifer Aniston, that has passed the test of time influencing how we dress every day, even more than two decades later. From her iconic stockings to plaid–Rachel has inspired our workwear in more ways than one. 

So, if you also wish to dress up like this ‘friend’ to work, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five looks of the OG fashionista that we’ve recreated with the most basic stuff that can be found in almost all of our wardrobes. Let’s begin!

The One With Plaid

Rachel green wearing plaid trousers tattoo scene


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rachel’s character was in love with plaid, tartan, checks what have you. Whether it is wearing tartan pants or plaid skirts, Rachel was quite effortless when it came to pulling off even the most non-basic stuff. Our Junior Editor, Tanya Sharma, here has recreated one of such Rachel’s look. 

Tanya has paired a basic black round-neck pullover with grey and black plaid pants to work. Now, how effortless is that? She completed the look with black Chelsea boots.

The One Where LBD Meets Formals


Rachel also had a never-ending love affair with black and white. And not to forget semi-sheer stockings! The look that I’ve recreated above is one of my favourites from the time she was working at Central Perk as a waitress and simultaneously applying for jobs at every fashion house possible. 

It was rather easy to bring together this outfit. Not only were these clothes easy to find in my closet but I also felt immensely comfortable while pulling the look off. I simply wore my black fit and flare dress with my white formal shirt and completed the look with stockings and black boots (another Rachel fave). A perfect blend of chic and formal, what could be a better feeling than to be able to wear your little black dress to work?

The One Where Monotone Does The Trick


Rachel was particularly fond of neutral colour tones–whether it’s beige, shades of browns or greys. She was a huge fan of overcoats too. Therefore, Arushi Sabharwal, our Social Media Coordinator decided to combine the two and layer up with one of Rachel’s monotone looks.

Arushi, here, has worn a brown trench coat over a dark brown top and we are absolutely loving her look!

The One With The Basics


There is no doubt about the fact that Rachel Green can make even the most basic looks stand out brilliantly. Who would think that a solid black topwear can be experimented by doing the right kind of layering, if not our Ray Ray? Well, it is quite simple. 

This look replicated by Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer at Luxeva, is minimal yet chic. She has just folded the sleeves of her black pullover (making it winter-friendly) along with a white shirt so the cuffs show, and has paired it with blue jeans. It’s a big saviour when you are in a mood to keep it low-key and stylish at the same time.

The One With The Classic Grey


This is Rachel’s post-Ralph Lauren and pre-Louis Vuitton outfit. So, clearly, fashion is one thing Miss Green doesn’t have to worry about even when she’s in-between jobs.

Sayunkta Jain, our Junior Editor, recreated this look and added, “That’s the kind of confidence I want in life and her high-street fashion sense helps me get there. So, when I’m not feeling too psyched about my day, I simply put on stockings with high-boots and ‘Go Green’.” How cool (read easy) is that!

Which one of Rachel Green’s looks would you recreate next?

Featured Image: Instagram