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happy valentine's day for singles

Things To Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Mush is in the air all throughout Valentine’s week. Malls are filled with heart-shaped balloons, V-Day themed chocolates are flying off the store shelves and it’s a full house at restaurants, especially on February 14th. There are presents, proposals and parties – the world is celebrating love on this special day. Now, all the singles on valentine’s day, before you begin to feel down and out about your single status, we’re here to tell you that you can have as much fun on Valentine’s Day as anyone in a relationship. In fact, Valentine’s is not just for partners, it’s a day to celebrate love with your family, friends, pet, even yourself!

7 Best Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day For Singles

These will make you fall in love with being single.  

Host a fabulous singles-only valentine party!


This is probably the most fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single. Party it out with your single friends, play board games, pop a bubbly and perhaps bake some heart-shaped cookies with all the single ladies and make a night of it. 

A couples massage with your bestie


Book a couples massage and go for a relaxing pamper sesh with your bestie. Because what better way to spend the day with your loved ones, right? 

Show some love and do a good deed for a stranger


Be it buying a homeless person some food or giving away some of your clothes for charity, the idea is to spread the love on Valentine’s Day. 

How about self love?


Giving yourself some TLC is always therapeutic. Since it’s a day to celebrate love, start by expressing some towards yourself. You could put on a face pack or get a beautiful mani-pedi or go for a hair spa and blowdry – whatever floats your boat. Focus on making yourself feel good!

Binge watch movies featuring your celebrity crush!


Imagine this – sitting back on the couch in your most comfy pyjamas with a large tub of butter popcorn in your lap and watching movie after movie with Ryan Renolds or Leonardo Dicaprio in it! Sounds like quite the V-Day, doesn’t it?

A Secret Valentine’s gift exchange?


It’s just like you do Secret Santa! Make a group of all your single friends and get each other V-Day gifts! Because why should only couples receive exciting pressies, right? You can even include your mum, dad, sis, brother, your pet in the gift exchange. 

Do a day’s social media detox


A social media detox on Valentine’s day sounds like a plan! After all, it can be annoying to watch your lovestruck friends being all mushy on Instagram. Also, that urge to check what your ex is up to! So go off social media and spend the day with your loved ones. 

Featured Image: Sara Ali Khan on Instagram

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15 Jan 2020

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