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Dear Sister-In-Law, Here’s How We Can Be The Coolest Nanad-Bhabhi Ever!

Dear Sister-In-Law, Here’s How We Can Be The Coolest Nanad-Bhabhi Ever!

Dear Sister-In-Law,

Getting married and going into a new family is an unsettling feeling, and being a girl, I hope you know what I’m talking about. Your brother has always been very protective of you, and I’m sure you’ve been equally possessive of him too. Most people say that when a guy gets married, his relationship with his sister gets hampered because his love gets divided. That is why the relationship between a bhabhi and her nanad is considered to be a conventionally complicated one. But hey, you know what? Let’s be the coolest sisters-in-law ever and show the world that it’s possible to have a great equation with each other. Here are some awesome ideas I have in mind which will help us be great friends!

1. Let’s get to know each other personally before your brother and I get married…

Who knows, we might have many things in common too! This will give us a chance to bond with each other and become friends. Like they say, most friendships are formed out of shared interests…

2. We’ll be shopping partners! Just imagine, we’ll be in-house shopping buddy at all times…

If your mantra in life is also ‘shopping is my cardio’, then we’re sorted for life!


shopping gif

3. Apart from shopping, we’ll also go on girly dates so that we can spend some quality time with each other…

Because why should boys have all the fun? We can go for workouts, movies, plays, drinks and whatever else it is that interests us.

4. Even if we do have any misunderstandings, we’ll sort them out without letting it affect our bond!

No relationship is complete without some ups and downs and there will be times when we’ll have issues. But let’s try and not let them jeopardise our bond.

3 sister in law


5. You, me and your brother will make a crazy team!

You two have been the pranksters of the family, right? Get ready to welcome a new member to the team then! And hey, we’re never letting your brother change the TV channel or have that last slice of pizza, okay?

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6. You can talk to me about everything… And I’ll come to you whenever I need advice about your bro!

Boyfriend trouble, discussing your crushes or anything else that you thought was not something your silly brother would understand, you can always talk to me about it. And you know how annoying your bhai can be at times, so I’ll come and rant about him to you.

5 sister in law


7. And lastly, I will love you just as much as he does… maybe more!

I promise I will be your sister first before being your sister-in-law! I know it will take some time for us to warm up to each other, but I’m willing to give it my 100% and I hope so will you!

I hope we can break the conventions behind the so-called ‘complex’ nanad-bhabhi relationship and be the coolest duo ever!

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21 Feb 2018

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