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5 Blush Placement Techniques That Can Totally Transform Your Face

5 Blush Placement Techniques That Can Totally Transform Your Face




As a teen, my ‘makeup routine’ included drowning my eyes in kajal and smudging some of my tinted lip balm on the cheeks and lips (I would like to think that 2013 Rimsha predicted 2021 makeup trends, thank you). As the honourary first draft of makeup for me, the blush still holds a special place in my makeup routine. One of the easiest makeup steps, applying blush is also a very important step and holds the power to make or break your makeup look. I have learnt this lesson the hard way, and through my journey of transformation from looking like a clown to looking like I have naturally flushed cheeks, let me give you some major pointers on blush placement. 

What Even Is Blush Placement, And How Does It Matter?


Blush placement is the technique of applying your blush on a specific area of your face to get the desired effect. This little detail is important to hold your makeup look in a harmonious way. If your blush is applied incorrectly, it can either drag your face down or make you look like you’ve had the flu. There are many more probabilities, but you get the point. Today, we are learning simple ways to avoid any of that.

While we have discussed the correct blush technique for different face shapes multiple times, today we are going to look at how blush placement can change the look of your face. Here is a guide that will show you the types of blush placements and the effects they have on your makeup look. 

On Your Cheekbones

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When you apply blush on your cheekbones, the pigment can be blended from the high point of your cheekbone and gravitates towards your cheeks. This blush placement makes your face look shorter and is perfect for you if you want that. Ideally opted by individuals with oval or long facial structures, this technique adds colour on your face in a very subtle manner. 

Above The Cheekbones

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It does sound a bit bizarre to put blush on your face that high, but trust me, it works. Applying blush in the space slightly above your cheekbones and under your eyes is a blush placement that offers a lifting effect to your face. For this technique, blend your blush in a way that slightly grows towards the high points of your cheekbones and a part of your temples on the other side. 

In The Hollows Of Your Cheeks

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Applying blush in the hollows of your cheeks can help add fullness to your face. To ace this blush placement technique, blend your blush to the outside of your face, towards the direction of your ear and cheekbones. This will add colour and highlight the side of your face and make it appear fuller than before. 

In Your Cheek Contour

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But what will I do with my contour then?

Don’t worry, you can use contour if you want, but we’re talking about blush today. Applying blush on the contours of your cheeks can help you enhance your cheekbones. To get this effect, apply blush along the contour line, and blend it upwards towards the high points of your cheekbones, and the temple of your face.

At The Centre Of Your Face

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This trick, I believe you already know. Trending since last year, applying blush in the centre of the face (nose included) can give you a cute sunkissed effect. For bonus points, use a peachy shade that looks naturally sunkissed. 

Wanna Try These Techniques Out? Add These To Your Makeup Stash:

Did you find your favourite blush placement yet? Try everything until you find one!

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19 Jul 2021

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