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Shahid Kapoor Is #RelatableAF As He Talks About Playful Lockdown Days With Wife Mira

Shahid Kapoor Is #RelatableAF As He Talks About Playful Lockdown Days With Wife Mira

If there is one Bollywood actor who has a knack in proving that he is your everyday guy then it has to be Shahid Kapoor sans an iota of doubt! Be it his arranged marriage to Mira Rajput or his goofy antics, this one has a personality that his Indian fandom can relate to and always vouch for. And as the B-Town celebs go on about asking us to stay calm and safe during the lockdown, this one is helping us with some next-level realness by showing us that it is alright to go a little mad in order to retain your sanity. 

It looks like Shahid has devised a way of keeping his lockdown days interesting by constantly teasing Mira with his playful banter. Just yesterday the actor posted a hilarious video on Instagram in which he can be heard saying “It’s time for quarantine… so much fun,” in a deliberately mocking manner. We certainly find it oh-so-relatable with Lockdown 4.0 staring us right into the face. 

And while Shahid might have found a coping mechanism, Mira is clearly is not happy with all this madness in her house. He also hinted at the same with the caption he wrote, “Entering quarantine phase 4 be like . . @mira.kapoor can’t deal no more with me.” Here, the video: 

Disapproving of his Insta madness, Mira quickly followed it with a comment showing that she clearly cannot deal with this “no more.” Here’s her reply:


However, this is not the first time that Shahid has tried to pull Mira’s leg during the lockdown. Last month as well he had posted a video on Instagram with Mira visible in the frame. “We grow wiser and more mature with each passing day in #quarantine,” he captioned the video as he went all playful and childish in the same. Here, take a look:

Seems like Shahid has taken it upon himself to keep the spirits high in the Kapoor household with all his playfulness and humour. Just a couple of days ago, he had tweeted about the daily chores in the most characteristically ‘Shahid way’ possible and had us all tripping over the same. Here’s the tweet:

Isn’t Shahid all of us as he kills all the lockdown time with weird/ funny antics and all the binge-watching?

Featured Image: Instagram

13 May 2020

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