10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Jan 24, 2018
10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe


For life’s few mysteries there are never any answers. For instance, standing in front of your overflowing corset and mouthing “I have nothing to wear” becoming a daily ritual. Who knows how you can get over that one! Well, we have a few theories: too many ill-fitted unseasonal clothes, too many unseasonal clothes and too many clothes, period.

Winters are almost over and as the mercury rises again, a thorough spring cleaning of your closet has come to order. It is about time you roll up your sleeves and go through every item in your wardrobe that you hoarded for the past year and more. But don’t deep dive into a pile of clothes head first, you need to set your priorities straight about the cleanse. You will have to ask yourself some tough questions and come up with tougher solutions, maybe even say goodbye to that adorable teddy coat for now. If you are mentally prepared to face your worst fears, here are 10 questions to ask yourself before cleaning your spring wardrobe!  

1. How Much Of A Cleanse Do You Need?

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There are degrees to how much of a closet cleanse you need. If you have to uproot the entire thing to find a decent pair of shorts, there is a problem. Otherwise, a simple sweep to make it more seasonal will be enough to prep for spring.

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2. How Many Of Your Clothes Look The Same?

More often than not we tend shop impulsively. Something which caught out eye had to be checked out without any thought going into it whatsoever. This can lead to a point to where sometimes you end up with identical looking clothes. If you have more than 10 off-shoulder tops or three pairs of acid-wash jeans, it’s time to start letting go.

3. What Condition Are These Clothes Really In?

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A little stitch come undone on a ruffled top can be fixed with a quick tuck but hoarding seriously damaged clothes will just take up extra space. Go through every item of clothing in your wardrobe and check for damages thoroughly. If it is something you can’t repair easily, just toss it out!  

4. Have You Worn These Clothes In The Last Year?

If you go to the back of your closets right now we bet you will find items that you bought last year and have completely forgotten about. Whatever item you haven’t worn even once over the past 12 months need to be shelved, unless they hold a sentimental value. There is a reason you haven’t worn them for so long and chances are you won’t be wearing them anytime soon.

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5. How Much Outerwear Do You Need To Hold?

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Outerwear is very important to put together a complete ensemble. But with winter almost over, you wouldn’t need all those heavy jackets and shrugs anymore. A rule of thumb should be to hold a couple of versatile outerwear that can be paired with all your clothes. You certainly don’t need to leave those faux fur coats hanging in there (no matter how cute they look!).

6. Does It Still Fit Like When You First Bought it?

Frequent washing and drying lead to shrinkage and clothes that have shrunk beyond help have honestly run their course. If the fittings of your clothes are even remotely close to the time you first purchased then keep them. Or else either alter the items or put them in the reject pile.

7. Is It Currently In Trend?

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A cheeky knotted top or pretty embroidered jean that you bought a while back may have been overlooked until now. Trends keep making a comeback and even if some of your older pieces fit the bill of becoming trendy again, move them to the front of your closet.

8. Do You Really Need All Those Off Shoulder Tops?

Having trendy pieces is a must for any fashionista but too much of trend saturation can be bad too. Pick your favourite Instagrammable trends to keep around and make space for some functional and guilty pleasure items in your wardrobe.

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9. ….Or Those Thigh High Boots?

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Spring cleaning your wardrobe calls in to look into your footwear as well! Surely you won’t be running into many scenarios where you might need a furry velvet loafer or thigh high boots when the mercury rises. Archive the heavy shoes to make room for more seasonal flats and sandals.

10. Donate, Upcycle Or Refashion?

The most important part of any spring cleaning ritual. Once you have done the wardrobe sweep it is time to deal with the reject pile. Donate the clothes that are in decent condition and upcycle a few to serve other purposes. Get your tailor to work on the item that can be altered within the cost of buying an entirely new piece.