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Fine Hair 101: Volumising Hair Hacks Every Girl With Flat Hair Needs To Know

Fine Hair 101: Volumising Hair Hacks Every Girl With Flat Hair Needs To Know

Are you one of those girls who usually laments about how your hair lacks volume? We understand your grief because thin, fine hair is fairly manageable, but then there are days (especially wash days) when you might want to switch it up and try to achieve that mega-glamm volumised look.

We break down for you tips, tricks, and miraculous formulas to help your fine, lifeless, and flat hair appear thicker than before. Not only will your fine hair appear thicker, but some of our tips will actually thicken limp, fine hair.

Here’s How You Can Differentiate Between Fine Hair & Thin Hair


Grab a single strand of hair and rub it between your thumb and index finger to see if you have fine hair. If you can barely feel anything, your hair is fine, which means the width of each hair strand is very small.

Gather your hair and tie it into a ponytail to see if you have thin hair. You have thin hair if you have to wrap the elastic more than twice. When you separate your hair, more scalp visible is another sign of thin hair. This indicates that your hair is thin in density and hence does not correlate to voluminous. You can make your hair appear fuller with the correct haircuts and tricks.

Make Thin Hair Thicker In A Flash With These Hacks

Play The Part


Do you always part your hair to the same side? Changing your part is one of the simplest methods to create the illusion of fuller hair. It also offers hair a boost and an instant transformation. (Seriously, you’ll be surprised at how many compliments you get, even if no one can tell what’s changed.) For a strong dose of volume, try a deep parting on the opposite side of the scalp.

Tease It Out


Do you recall backcombing? When trying to create the illusion of thicker roots, the age-old method enters in, but avoid doing it the old-fashioned way with a comb. Hold the hair up and brush downwards slightly beneath the roots at the crown with a mixed bristle brush – this provides a Brigitte Bardot impression and helps define the eyes.

Blow Dry ‘Em Upside Down


When your hair is still damp, flip it upside down and blow dry. When you reach to your roots, softly scrunch them with your fingers to help them stand up and create even more volume.

Cleanse & Condition Frequently


Time and time again, we’ve preached the virtues of keeping your blowout as long as possible. Simply stated, hair that has been washed less times is healthier hair. Oil and grease, on the other hand, afflict those of us with fine hair far more quickly than those with thicker locks, which means we (sadly) have to wash our hair more frequently. Try including a texturising and ideally sulfate-free duo into your shower routine as soon as possible.

Get A Layered Haircut


To begin, get your hair done in layers. Majority of celebrity hairstylists agree that cutting hair in one length results in flatness, however cutting hair in layers that are tapered or at an angle adds lightness to the hair, making it appear larger.

Treat ‘Em!


Fine hair is not the same as thinning hair. Fine hair refers to each strand being thin, whereas thinning hair is caused by hair loss, which leads to larger gaps between strands. Start consuming biotin supplements that promote hair growth for a long-term solution, or use a hair building fibre made of natural, statically charged, coloured keratin protein to instantly make hair look fuller.

Try these life-changing hacks and thank us later!

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23 Jun 2022

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