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We Are Over The Moon: Virat Kohli On Parenthood & Spending Quality Time With Wifey

We Are Over The Moon: Virat Kohli On Parenthood & Spending Quality Time With Wifey

Well, celebs in India are certainly making the most of the current lockdown situation. The pandemic and all the social distancing have given them ample time from their busy schedules and this explains why from Kareena-Saif to Anushka-Virat, so many of them have seized the moment to embrace parenthood. Now while both the couples might be equally ecstatic, it is actually the first-time parents-to-be #Virushka who are currently navigating a brand new territory. 

Describing the feeling, Virat shared in a recent interview with a leading media portal that it’s an incredible feeling, “It puts things into perspective for you. It is difficult to describe how you feel, but when we found it, we were over the moon. The kind of love that was showered on us when we announced it was amazing. People were genuinely so emotional and happy for us. We are looking forward to the third member joining the clan,” he said.

However, you’d be surprised to know that it’s not just the entire idea of impending parenthood that’s all new to them but also the fact that they have never actually lived together for this long. In fact, Anushka herself had shared earlier this year that they have hardly found any quality time together after their marriage, all thanks to their busy schedules. “During the first six months of our marriage, we spent 21 days together. Yes, I actually calculated. So when I visit him overseas, it’s to squeeze in that one meal together. It’s a precious time for us,’ she said.

Now, Virat has also commented on the same while revealing that this literally is the first time ever that they have lived together for so long and that’s why it asked for a little adjustment from both of them in the beginning. He shared “We never got so much time to spend together ever since we started seeing each other.”

Virat further added, “This is the longest we got to spend together. To be home with the one you love, you couldn’t ask for anything better and we just made the most of that whole time and created a routine for ourselves. We didn’t pressurise ourselves on learning this or that. It was tough initially, but we got used to it.”

Well, rest assured, they are certainly elated at the prospects of parenthood. Virat and Anushka recently had a small celebration in Dubai with Virat’s IPL team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and as Virat would say the couple indeed looked like they are “over the moon” and just so much in love! *Touchwood*   

Featured Image: Instagram 
01 Sep 2020

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