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This Viral Pink Concealer Hack Is What Every Makeup Geek’s OBSESSED With

This Viral Pink Concealer Hack Is What Every Makeup Geek’s OBSESSED With

We’ve been dabbling a lot with blush techniques lately and we literally can’t stop. The internet has recently produced another such makeup trick with blush and this time it promises to brighten your under eyes and flush your cheeks with colour in one go. Now, how can we resist such a claim? This makeup step is doing the rounds as the viral pink concealer hack and makeup mavens across the globe have put it to the test and have fallen in love with it. So, is it really worth the hype? Let’s find out! Here’s the lowdown on the trend to figure what the craze is all about.

What Is The Viral Pink Concealer Hack?

This trend plays with the idea of using blush as a colour corrector for the under eyes when mixed with concealer. It also serves as a way to seamlessly blend your blush with your base to achieve a next level glow. To get the effect, a pink blush that is usually in a liquid or cream formula is mixed with concealer to form a pinkish concealer shade that will brighten the under eyes and effectively cover up dark circles. There are a few ways to ace the trend and the results are spectacular.

Does It Work On Indian Skin Tones?

Why, yes it does! Take a look at how this brown skin beauty puts it to the test and slays like a total baddie.

3 Different Ways To Nail The Pink Concealer Trend

Placement On Point

The quickest way to acing the trend is by dotting a liquid blush and concealer on your under eye areas and then blending it with a damp sponge or brush. Place the blush at the centre of your under eyes and concealer on either side for a gorgeous blend.

Master Strokes

Makeup experts know that cream or liquid blush should be mixed on your hand or a palette first and then a brush should be used to pick up the product and apply. That’s exactly how this method works and it offers more uniform coverage.

DIY Diaries

If you don’t want to use two products or you simply do not own a liquid blush, try this trick. Here a powder blush is scraped out and added to a concealer tube. Then all you have to do is pump it to mix the two pigments together and voila, you have a pink concealer that’s ready to be used.

Will you try out this hack? We definitely are going to for sure. Put it to the test and tell us what you think.

Featured Images: Instagram

05 May 2022

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