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Pyjamas Out, Nightgowns In: The Viral TikTok Trend That’s Hot & Comfy At The Same Time!

Pyjamas Out, Nightgowns In: The Viral TikTok Trend That’s Hot & Comfy At The Same Time!

Lockdown is taking over our lives and there’s no denying that it has also taken over our closet. While fashionistas are dressing up in pillows and blankets to kill boredom, it’s also a desperate attempt to break the monotony and wear something that’s both fashionable and available at home. If you, too, are done with pyjamas, here’s a new trend that will make you feel chic, hot and comfy at the same time. *Enter nightgowns!*

Seems like it is not just nature that’s recuperating during the lockdown. Fashion too is on a path of revival, sort of. Nightgowns are making an appearance as a house dress during quarantine and we ain’t complaining at all! In fact, the #nightgown trend is going viral on TikTok!

Started by a TikTok user @befitzgerald, she posted a video of herself wearing a vintage style nightgown and captioned it, “brb just gonna wander around in front of windows until one of my neighbours spot me”. In the video, she can be heard saying, “The one good thing about this quarantine is that my wardrobe can now consist completely of my vintage nightgowns which means I can finally fulfil my destiny of making my neighbours wonder if I am a ghost!” ROFL, right? Here’s a screenshot from the video:


Soon, many TikTok users started uploading videos with #Nightgown and it’s exploding the social media platform. From satin silhouettes to net details–nightgowns of different fabrics are turning the lockdown fashion game. The trend is yet to hit India but we’re sure if it does reach us, it’ll be just as crazy as it’s abroad. Women from all age groups are participating in the #Nightgown trend. Here’s your motivation to get out of pyjamas (finally!) and don the nighties you’ve probably been ignoring for a while now. Get yourself out of something comfy into something comfy and sexy, won’t you?

Take a look at these super fun and cool snippets from viral TikTok videos! Head to the platform and search for the hashtag (#nightgown) to be amazed at people’s creativity during the quarantine.

All those whites and nudes




Adding some colour and how!


Angelic in satin


Dear nightie, here I come. Won’t you join the nightgown bandwagon with us?

Featured Image: Instagram

04 May 2020

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