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The Viral Jaw Contouring Hack That Makes Double Chins Magically Disappear

The Viral Jaw Contouring Hack That Makes Double Chins Magically Disappear

A viral contour trick that camouflages a double chin? Hell, yes we want in! Now, we aren’t about to give up our Gua Sha tools and face massaging techniques to reduce that puffy area beneath our jawlines, but a makeup hack that promises to slim down and tone up this area superficially wouldn’t hurt. In fact, after we found out what’s really up with this viral hack, we were actually surprised, amazed, and super excited to try it out. It may seem a bit shady at first, but once you see the results you’ll be convinced to just trust the process and go for it. If you’re someone who is conscious about having a double chin and long to make it disappear, bookmark this trend right away because we don’t think it gets better than this. Here’s everything you need to know about the viral jaw contouring hack and how it’s done.

Decoding The Viral Jaw Contouring Hack

This hack relies on genius placement. It is fairly easy to follow without messing up because the contour product is applied on and beneath the jawline and it doesn’t concern the rest of your face. The trend makes a play on shadows to conceal a double chin like magic. First swipe the contour product along the jawline all the way up to your ear and then begin a second swipe of contour product horizontally beneath the jawline leaving a 2 centimetre gap. Blend well to diffuse the pigmented strokes and then dab a translucent powder in that 2 centimetre space to highlight the jaw and intensify the contouring effect. 

Should You Try It Or Skip It?

Well, if you have a round face shape, double chin, or a not so pronounced jawline, by all means hop on the trend right away. This will intensify your jawline and do many favours for slimming down or adding definition to your visage. You should skip this trend if you do not have a double chin and your face is rectangular or square shaped because this hack will then make your jawline look heavier and that isn’t flattering.

Products To Slay The Jaw Contouring Hack

Cream Strokes

A cream contour product is highly recommended for slaying this trend. It will allow for cleaner lines and easy blending.

Loosen Up

Choose a loose translucent powder with illuminating particles to get a fabulous highlighted effect that isn’t too in-your-face shiny.

We have to admit this is one contour trick that we never knew we needed and are so grateful for its invention. Will you be trying it out? We know we can’t wait to put it to the test either.

Featured Images: Instagram

10 May 2022

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