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From The ‘Gram: Try This Viral French-Tip Nail Hack To Ace A Pro-Level Manicure At Home

From The ‘Gram: Try This Viral French-Tip Nail Hack To Ace A Pro-Level Manicure At Home

Thanks to Instagram’s obsession with all things ‘90s and Y2K, beauty trends like crimped hair,  chunky highlights, half-up, half-down ponytail, and bold lip liner have all made a comeback. What’s old is new again!

And the most popular nostalgic trend reigning supreme at the moment is the classic French tip manicure. Not only is the traditional French manicure overtaking our Instagram feeds and nail-dusted inspiration boards, but countless whimsical, unexpected, and super fresh takes on the trend are also popping up. The chic updates are perf to instantly elevate your style. 

However, if you’re not a dab hand with nail polish, perfecting that precise, flawless French manicure can be difficult, but not if you’ve got a great hack up your sleeve. Enter Instagram’s latest nail hack that’s so genius we can’t believe we didn’t think of it before. The technique makes it incredibly easy to nail the gram-worthy French tips with minimal effort. Want to nail the notoriously tricky French manicure? Find the complete guide ahead.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Try The Viral French Manicure Hack

Inspired to try a DIY manicure project? Keep scrolling to see the effortless French manicure hack taking social media by storm and the exact tools you need to try it. 

Step 1: Apply Enough Nail Polish To The Stamper

The amount of nail polish you apply on the tool is crucial. Too little nail polish will cause it to dry up too quickly, and it won’t work. Also, make sure the polish is placed on the tool in an even layer so it dries evenly.

Step 2: Press In Your Nails At 45-Degree Angle

Instead of just dipping your nail into the midst of the polish puddle on the top of the silicone nail stamp pad, you would want to position your nail towards the edge of it. This will prevent the nail lacquer to getting under your fingers and will only coat the top of your nails.

Step 3: Avoid Trying It On Short Nails

This nail hack is likely to result in a complete mess on short nails. So make sure that your nails have a bit of length to prevent getting any polish on the pad of your finger. 

Tools You Can Use To Try The Viral French Nail Hack

A Silicone Applicator

There was a time when it felt like these silicone teardrop-shaped sponges would replace the regular makeup sponges. But, it didn’t turn out that well as it was really hard to apply foundation with squishy plastic. However, if you’ve one of these at home, they are excellent for French manicures and super easy to clean, too. 

Try A Nail Art Stamp

A stamp is easily one of the most effortless tools to achieve a quick French tip. This is something pro nail specialists would likely have in their kits. It’s basically used to pick and transfer designs from stencils. If you want to add one to your beauty arsenal, this is the tool to call on!

Use A Foundation Sponge

Will let you in on a secret: Foundation sponges, the triangular white ones that come in big bulk bags are excellent to try this nail hack. Just grab one of those cute sponges, apply a layer of nail lacquer over it and get ready to rock those sharp tips.

Grab A Birthday Balloon!

Take a birthday balloon, blow a little air into it, tie it tight, and you’ve just made your own super stretchy, low-budget poking apparatus. Genius! Make sure not to use a teeny tiny water balloon, and not to fill it up too much. You want it to be the size of a tennis ball. And, yup you can untie the balloon and use it for your next manicure.

If you love keeping up with the latest in beauty, try donning neon green French tips. There’s a sort of freshness about it. Nail polish lovers adore this eye-catching hue because it’s a fashion-forward way to add a pop of colour to otherwise neutral look. So, for a chic makeover, add this to your cart and hop on the French-tip-wagon.

Go nail those French nails ASAP!

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Sep 2021

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