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If You Don’t Know These Viral Eyeshadow Hacks, You’re Missing Out!

If You Don’t Know These Viral Eyeshadow Hacks, You’re Missing Out!

If you’re looking for us past 10 p.m., odds are you’ll find us endlessly scrolling through our IG feeds. While the four-hour scrolling is definitely not good for our eyes or to get a full eight hours of beauty sleep, it helps us uncover game-changing beauty hacks to make our lives easier and our faces prettier. Whether it’s the burnt-almond eyeliner or Mario’s ‘lip lift’ trick – Instagram has been a goldmine for genius beauty hacks of all varieties.

So, to make use of our extensive scrolling habits, we’ve curated a list of the best eyeshadow hacks that will catapult your eye makeup game to an all-time high. You’re welcome!

Here They Are, 6 Best Eyeshadow Hacks Of All Damn Time

Eyelash Curler Hack

An eyeshadow hack that has been blowing up on Instagram uses an eyelash curler to create a jaw-dropping eye look. The IG beauty community has given the trend their stamp of approval and the hack has amassed over 16 billion views and counting. The process entails keeping the outside rim of the curler on the crease of your eyes and tracing an eyeshadow along the rim to define the eye sockets. You can also use the handle of the curler to create a super straight wing. Then, join the two ends to create a striking eyeshadow look. 

Concealer To Fake An Eye Lift

If you wanna give your eyeshadow a cleaner and polished look, concealer is the product to call on. After you’re done applying eyeshadow, load some concealer on an angled brush. Begin by applying concealer under your eyes then move towards the outer corner of your eyes, extending it toward the tail of your arches. This will help clean up the blended shadow as well as give your eyes a lifted look. You can also apply some concealer on the inner corner of your eyes taking it till the start of your brows to brighten up your peepers.

A Makeup Masterpiece In Seconds

For days when you don’t want to spend hours creating a makeup masterpiece, try this 5-minute eyeshadow hack. All you have to do is gather a bunch of dark brown hues and glittery shadows. Use the darkest hue of the pack to create a vertical line on the outermost corner of your eyelids. Then, use a lighter shimmer hue to create a similar vertical line on the mid of your lids, and then use the lightest shimmery shade on the inner third corner of your eyes. Blend the three shades using light sweeping motions. Et voila, and you’ve created a makeup masterpiece. 

To Intensify The Shadow Pigments

This one is for all the beauty pros out there. If you wanna take your eye makeup game from regular to remarkable, this viral eyeshadow hack is your calling. Take your eyeshadow brush and spritz on a makeup setting spray on it. Then, dip the brush into the shadow hue you’d like to apply. This will intensify the eyeshadow pigments while helping to set the eyeshadow. Just keep in mind that once the eyeshadow is set, you won’t be able to blend it. Also, avoid misting your must after applying the eyeshadow because it can create a film on your eyeshadow which can ruin the application.

Trade In Your Liquid Liner For Eyeshadow

If you wanna try the hot-right-now floating liner without splurging on an eyeliner, trade in your liquid liner for eyeshadow. All you have to do is dip a precise liner brush into micellar water. Then, load some poppy eyeshadow hues on it. Next, simply apply it as you would your regular liquid liner. This will help you create a scroll-stopping eye look with barely any effort. 

Give Your Shadow A Glazed Look

For an IT girl-approved look, follow celebrity MUA Hung Vanngo’s lead, who works with our fave girl crushes like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez to name a few. He loves mixing the power shadow with Aquaphor Healing Ointment to give it a creamy finish. This helps him create a look that breaks the internet. You can also use this to give your powder blush a creamy consistency.

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Featured Image: Instagram

23 Sep 2022

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