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Deepika Padukone’s Ex-Boyfriend Sid Mallya Gets *Extra* Candid On Insta While Dad Dodges Jail

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  May 22, 2019
Deepika Padukone’s Ex-Boyfriend Sid Mallya Gets *Extra* Candid On Insta While Dad Dodges Jail


Siddharth Mallya rose to fame in 2008 when the Indian Premier League (IPL) first started. The team he supported, Royal Challengers Bangalore, was owned by his father and now troubled industrialist of Kingfisher fame, Vijay Mallya. In the initial seasons of IPL, we would see a young Sid standing with his father in the stands, cheering for RCB in a red jersey.

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Around this time, Deepika Padukone was the ambassador for RCB, her home team. In fact, the Bollywood actress and Sid dated for a while. They were often spotted hand-in-hand at RCB matches and other events, but soon broke up for unknown reasons.

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Now Siddharth, registered at the Los Angeles Screen Actors Guild, is an aspiring actor residing in the USA.

Recently, he had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Instagram with his fans and over 600k followers, and boy, was it something! He answered even the naughtiest questions with much pleasure. Despite facing abuses and harsh comments from people for being his father’s son, Sid gave it back with his head held high. Recap: His father Vijay Mallya is on the run after defaulting on his debts and living in the UK, where he is facing extradition to India. If returned, he will face criminal charges for fraud.

Here are 10 of our favourite answers by Sid Mallya that prove the man is all about pun and fun.

1. The Nation Wants To Know


2. Something We Have In Common


3. This Must Have Been Painful


4. What A LOL!


5. If Only All Exes Were Like You, Sid


6. That Made A Smile And Now I See The Point

1-sid-mallya-q a

7. That Emoji Though


8. He Is 32 Years Old


9. Yeah, Probably Right


10. That One Frequently Asked Question


While the most commonly asked question was his relationship status (he is single, BTW), the second biggest thing people wanted to know was his sexual orientation – gay or bisexual. Sid took it all in high spirits and showed us that humour makes even the most uncomfortable situations easy.

His father, Vijay Mallya, is currently living on bail in London as he appeals against his extradition to India. He’s been given until 30th April 2020 by the Swiss bank UBS to pay off a mortgage loan of £20.4 million for his central London home. The former Kingfisher tycoon is wanted in India to face charges of fraud and money laundering amounting to ₹9,000 crores.

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