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10 Makeup Tutorials That Will Take You From Basic To Pro Over The Weekend!

10 Makeup Tutorials That Will Take You From Basic To Pro Over The Weekend!

Gone are the days when using your mom’s foundation, applying those roller glosses and a kohl liner meant doing a full face of makeup. Just like our smartphones, face makeup too has come a long way and let’s say, it is anything but basic. (There’s a reason all our fave celebs are investing in the billion-dollar industry and launching with their beauty lines).

There are a lot of steps involved to slay the face, right? 

– Using a base- primer or simply the foundation

– Applying foundation or a BB, or a CC cream


– Concealer or using a colour corrector

– Bronzer

– Contouring

– Highlighter


– Eye makeup (eyeshadow base, eyeshadow eyeliner, kajal, mascara, false lashes)

– Blush

– Lipstick (lip gloss or a lip tint)

– Setting spray


Not just these amazing steps, people now incorporate using skincare items and beauty tools in their makeup routines like facial oils, facial massagers, eye patches and whatnot.

Makeup is an art and creating art takes up hours and hours of practice. But, you gotta start from somewhere, right? Read along to see how can different types of makeup products and slay that gorgeous face.

PS: Ready to call yourself a makeup pro?!

Time To Brush Up Those Skills, Sistaaa

Owning and having makeup products is one thing and knowing how to use them is another. You might be well versed with makeup steps but do you know how to use all the products?!


Starting With The Base-ics

Applying a base is the *foundation* of your makeup. But do you know how to apply it properly? Watch this and learn!

‘Coz Not To Prime Is A Crime

Apply a primer before your foundation to blur out pores and also for an easy application of makeup.

Blemishes? Conceal Them All

Hide the fact that you haven’t had a good night’s sleep since you were conceived by using a concealer to hide your dark circles. Not only that, apply concealer at all those spots you wish to hide.

The Classic Smokey Eye

We all love a good old, classic smokey eye! Watch this super easy makeup tutorial and add some 🔥 to your eyes.



A swipe of lipstick is the best way to upgrade your look but it gets super annoying when your lipstick doesn’t last long, especially if you spent big bucks on it. Watch this easy YouTube video and to make your lipstick last longer than your last relationship.

Highlight Those Stunning Features

How to use a highlighter? Where to apply a highlighter? Watch this informative video and get ready to *glow* like a pro.

Love Glowing Skin? Try This Glass Skin Tutorial!

Why not do something a little hatke and try a glass skin tutorial instead. Watch this and get mesmerized!


Not everyone is blessed with thick, bold brows and we get it. Here’s how you can fill them easily using eyebrow products.


Learn From The Celebs

Our celebs are the OG influencers. Watch how they do their makeup for more makeup tips!

We bet you’re ready to make most of this quarantine period and brush up on those skills of yours!

Happy weekend, ya’ll! 

Featured Image: Freepik.com

27 Mar 2020

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