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What A Cutie! We Can’t Stop Watching This Video Of Virat Kohli Waving At Baby Vamika From The Field

What A Cutie! We Can’t Stop Watching This Video Of Virat Kohli Waving At Baby Vamika From The Field

A daughter’s relationship with her father is one of the most special things in her life and nothing can change that. Perhaps that’s the reason why we love watching the videos and pictures of our favourite B-town dads and their baby girls.

Recently while scrolling through the ‘Gram we came across the cutest video featuring cricketer Virat Kohli and his daughter Vamika. In the clip, the Indian cricketer can be seen waving and smiling at his little munchkin from the field and we can’t stop watching the video on loop.

Little Vamika arrived for the match with mom Anushka Sharma and her dearest daddy was over the moon to see her. NGL, all we are wondering RN is—isn’t there any way we can score a seat right next to this adorable mother-daughter duo?

In a previous interview, Virat spoke about how his life changed after the arrival of Vamika. He said, “Things change quite drastically. Everything you have been used to changes. You have to be totally aligned with taking care of another life that’s totally dependent on the mother primarily, but also dependent on the father. Both parents taking care of the child is a different environment altogether and something that we both (Anushka and him) have enjoyed thoroughly.”

While Virat and Anuskha have decided not to share a single snap of their daughter on social media, we do get a few glimpses of Vamika every now and then. Just a month ago, the cricketer took to the ‘Gram to share the sweetest birthday wish for the Zero actress and posted an adorable family snap.

Virat wrote, “4 Years of you handling my silly jokes and my laziness. 4 years of you accepting me for who I am everyday and loving me regardless of how annoying I can be. 4 years of the greatest blessing god could’ve showered on us. 4 years of being married to The most honest, loving, brave woman and the one who inspired me to stand by the right thing even when the whole world could be against you. 4 years of being married to YOU. You complete me in every way, I’ll always love you with all that I have and more.”

Isn’t Virat Kholi the best father and husband a woman can wish for? BRB, manifesting such a perfect man in our lives!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram 

14 Jan 2022

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