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Who Run The World? These Desi Women Who Are Not Only Doctors But Also Dancers!

Who Run The World? These Desi Women Who Are Not Only Doctors But Also Dancers!

What’s that one job a woman cannot do!? 

Before you rack your brain, the answer is NONE! The conditioning that you, as a woman, are not equally at par as men begins at an early age in our society. But for ages, women have been pushing the societal boundaries by entering jobs that were ‘traditionally’ performed only by men, regardless of what the society says. And then, there are those who are balancing two careers like a pro–one being their profession and the other, their passion. Let us introduce you to eight such incredibly inspiring desi women living in North America. 

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These women are not just successful healthcare professionals, but also dancers and choreographers with a huge following. They recently took to their Instagram account to post a video where they let us in their lives as both a dancer and a doctor. In the video, the women can be seen showing off their phenomenal dance moves in one shot which transitions into them in their medical scrubs. This video is undoubtedly the cutest and the most inspiring video you’ll see on the internet today. 

Watch it here: 

Doesn’t this remind you of the popular #DontRushChallenge on TikTok? The intention behind the challenge was to empower and encourage women to embrace their beauty with or without makeup. While the beauty influencers used their love for beauty, the dancers/doctors flaunted their passion.

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The video features Physiotherapist-cum-Choreographer Naina Batra, Neelam Patel, who is an optometrist, a paediatrician Divyanka Gupta, Vinita, who is a pharmacist, Preethi Kamath, an anaesthesiologist, Dentist Sukhmani and Anisha Kay, who is an orthodontist.

It’s inspiring to see these women follow their passions while also winning in their respective healthcare fields. So, whoever said that women can’t do it all–think again!

Featured Image: Instagram/Naina Batra

08 Jul 2020

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