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Bride’s Video Of Working From ‘Mandap’ Goes Viral, Netizens Call Her A Dedicated Employee

Bride’s Video Of Working From ‘Mandap’ Goes Viral, Netizens Call Her A Dedicated Employee

The novel coronavirus has completely changed the concept of the ‘big fat Indian wedding’. Smaller, intimate weddings and work from home are the new normals that the pandemic is making us experience. A lot of things have changed and it’s not the life we knew. Most of us are now working from home and couples rejigged their wedding plans by embracing the idea of intimate functions. After the Unlock, cities may be coming back to life but there is not going back to ‘normal’ just yet.

And just like us if you have also been working from your home for the past few months, we don’t need to tell you that we no longer can differentiate between household chores and professional responsibilities. Everything looks like a target, a job that needs to be done. Haven’t we all attended a Zoom call while washing the dishes at least once? But, we sure haven’t come across anyone working at their wedding pavilion?!

Recently, a video of a bride working on her laptop at her shaadi went viral! Yep, you read that right! In the video, the bride can be seen typing away on her laptop while talking on the phone.

The video was shared by Twitter user Dinesh Joshi with the caption, “If you feel that you are under the pressure of work then watch this”. Check out the video!

We hope you didn’t miss the groom’s ‘ye kya ho raha hai’ expressions!

Of course, the internet got talking after the video was shared on Twitter. We don’t know about you, but we are witnessing this spectacle for the first time. Twitterati couldn’t stop taking wild guesses about why this happened. Check out their reactions! 

Here’s How Twitter Reacted

While some laughed it off, some were visibly upset about the ‘work pressure’ she was going through. 

Fake Or Genuine?


Work Pressure?


Target Issues?


What A Dedicated Employee?


Future Problems?


What Better Way Than This To Avoid Leaves?


A Good Idea!


Even though it isn’t clear when was this video shot, it looks so relevant in today’s situation, doesn’t it?

Featured Image: Twitter/Dinesh Joshi

06 Jul 2020

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