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Oops, She Did It Again: Fans Are Convinced Katrina Kaif’s Selfie Features Vicky Kaushal

Oops, She Did It Again: Fans Are Convinced Katrina Kaif’s Selfie Features Vicky Kaushal

We absolutely love celeb couples because they constantly give us #CoupleGoals. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are one such rumoured couple. While the couple continues to remain tight-lipped about their relationship, their actions speak louder than words. And Katrina‘s latest social media post has just sparked dating rumours yet again as netizens played detective. 


Taking to her Instagram stories, Katrina shared a picture of herself with the butterflies filter as she cuddles in bed with something or someone and we’re guessing that it’s Vicky. I mean, all those coincidences are just too obvious to ignore. And TBH, we’ve been rooting for these two for a while now.

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Now, we know what you’re thinking. How is this Vicky? Well…take a look at this picture.


Spotting Katrina cuddling and hugging someone wearing mustard colour t-shirt just like Vicky is just too big of a coincidence. And this grabbed the fans’ attention. While most fans speculated that the actress was hugging Vicky himself, others felt that she might just be hugging his t-shirt. Now, if that wasn’t enough netizens also noticed that some wedding planners are following the rumoured couple on social media. And it didn’t take them long to put two and two together. So, we’re all wondering if another celeb wedding is on the cards.



Earlier, Katrina and Vicky’s social media posts hinted that the duo rang in New Years together with their siblings Isabelle and Sunny in a resort in Alibaug. The fans came to this conclusion after Katrina shared an Instagram story where she was seen sitting on a table with her sister and others (including Vicky) playing the game of sequence. But the actress failed to notice that Vicky’s reflection was clearly visible in the glass behind her and that’s what kickstarted the rumour mill again! 

Katrina added fuel to the fire after she deleted the picture as it went viral. Well…now we’re sure that something is cooking between the two. 


Kat did let the cat out of the bag yet again, but now we’re starting to wonder if these ‘oops moments’ are deliberate! Is a wedding really on the cards, guys?

Feature Image: Instagram

28 Jan 2021

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