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Vibrating Flat Irons Are Taking Over The Beautyverse RN & Here’s What They Are

Vibrating Flat Irons Are Taking Over The Beautyverse RN & Here’s What They Are

I’ve sworn off straighteners. It’s been a couple of months since I was put to trial by my tresses—look, I accept that I wronged them for months on end. That’s why I didn’t contest the accusation. But I did end up relapsing quite a few times—it’s not that I didn’t feel bad for my burnt-up strands. It’s that I couldn’t muster up the courage to step out of the house with a bush sitting atop my head. It’s just humiliating.

But I’ve grown since then, and even though I have had to request my mother to reprimand me any time I so much as eye the device, I’m better now. And…I’ve found a non-damaging alternative to them. Because, hey, my hair is still stubborn, and won’t submit to combs or brushes. That’s why I’m presenting to you the vibrating flat-iron: a saviour.

You Heard That Right: Vibrating Flat-Irons


What Is A Vibrating Flat-Iron?

A vibrating flat iron works just like a straightener—except that it maintains the health of your hair, and minimizes damage extensively because of the way in which it is crafted. While conventional straighteners contain non-moving ceramic plates, these contain moving ceramic plates that vibrant back and forth to shuffle your hair and distribute heat throughout to straighten them.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vibrating Flat-Irons?

It Reduces Breakage And Damage

Thanks to the plates’ movement, the flat iron doesn’t pull or tug at your as much as a normal flat iron would. That’s because the plates reduce direct contact with the hair, and minimize friction. This subsequently prevents breakage and damage, and glides through your hair friction-free and seamlessly.

It Closes Open Cuticles

This tool can close the cuticles of your hairopen cuticles are responsible for frizz, and are an indication that your hair is damaged. Your cuticles open after excessive heat-styling. By closing them, the flat-iron is undoing pent-up damage, and settling your hair in the process.

It Distributes Heat Evenly

Because of the vibration, heat is distributed evenly throughout your hair, and quickly. Since you’re spending less time heat-styling all of your hair, heat-induced damage is minimal. Goodbye, frizz.

It Can Lend Itself To Different Styles

Just like normal flat irons, these irons can style your hair however you’d like. You can create waves and curls as well as sleek and straight hairstyles with the tool.

It Seals In Moisture

They lock in moisture instead of sucking it out of your tresses and lending a sheen to your hair.

How Do You Use It?

It’s not very different from using a normal flat iron. Do layer your hair with a heat-protectant to further minimize damage, and comb through them once to detangle. Just divide your hair into smaller sections, and clasp the flat-iron plates onto the roots of your hair. This activates the vibration. Continue to slide the device through your tresses until the very end. Repeat this for the rest of the sections, and you’re done.

The Best Vibrating Flat Irons In The Game

And Heat-Protect Your Hair With…

Be assured that this isn’t another gimmick to sell you a product. Studies have been conducted to gauge vibrating flat irons’ benefits, and they conclude that these tools do reduce friction on the hair, and hence, damage.

Featured: Unsplash

26 May 2022

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