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Keeping The Romance Alive: 7 Scented Candles That Will Get You & Your Boo In The Mood

Staying in this Valentine’s Day? Good going! With the ongoing pandemic, it’s just not safe to step out. But girl, don’t let this situation water down your plans with boo. Turn your home into a love nest by decorating it with Valentine’s Day-themed props and scented candles. These fragrant candles will not only beautify your space but get you and your sweetheart in the mood for some good ol’ lovin’.   

7 Scented Candles That Will Get You & Boo In The Mood

Let’s make memories! 

It’s Raining Rose Petals

Well, metaphorically yes, but hey? This 3-wick rose vanilla candle has rose essential oil and vanilla extract in it. All you have to do is light this candle up, sprinkle rose petals all over the bed, play some soft jazz music in the background and sip on some delicious wine together- the rest will follow. *wink* 

It Smells Like Heaven In Here!

A little on the expensive side, but this candle is totally worth every penny. It’s top note is red apple, heart note is peony and base note is suede. A cocktail of those scents will help you and boo enjoy each other’s company in every which way. 


Parlez-Vous Francais?


This dreamy french lavender scented candle will make you two feel relaxed and help melt away the week’s stress. Inspired by the summer evenings in France, this aroma will invoke positive thoughts and emotions. It will pause all your problems for a while and make you focus only on bae.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Which is precisely why you need to stay in! This cedarwood and vanilla-scented candle burns with a slight crackling sound that creates the perfect mood for date night. Made from soy wax and a blend of calming essential oils – it’s bound to make your home feel warm and cosy. 

Hit The Spot

A fun Valentine’s Day activity you two can do together is to give each other a hot oil massage. Turn your room into a spa by lighting this candle up. It has a blend of citrusy scents and botanical undertones that work wonders in enhancing the mood and melting the stress away.

Citrus Punch!


The refreshing aroma of sweet citrus and mint leaves will make your home smell like a retreat in the woods. It’ll uplift your mood, energise you and make you feel like you’re enjoying some time with each other far away from the hustle bustle of the city.


The Scent Of Romance

If you want to create a charming atmosphere at home, pick this scented candle. It smells like cinnamon and nutmeg! Not only is this candle affordable, but the packaging is also attractive.

Which of these candles are you going to choose to make your Valentine’s Day special? We’d love to know!

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08 Feb 2021

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