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Take It Easy, Urvashi? Miss Rautela’s Fashion Takes Have Left Us With SO Many Questions

Take It Easy, Urvashi? Miss Rautela’s Fashion Takes Have Left Us With SO Many Questions

Another day, another fashion sighting. Except, this time it’s a tad bit different. The thing is, that the “Youngest Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe” AKA Urvashi Rautela is back (not that she had gone anywhere) but back nonetheless with a bang. Of bizarre. The 26-year-old has had a busy couple of days, something you will know if you have had a chance to go through her Instagram. All decked up in everything there was, the actress has been recreating(?) Cleopatra, the Egyptian ruler’s look for what turns out was a cover. There is still a lot of confusion over it because all that we have is Miss Rautela’s word alone and she likes to convey via captions that are a mix of quotes from wherever. 

Why, Urvashi Rautela, Why?

With respect to her appearance, to say that we are speechless would be an understatement but how about you take at it all yourselves? Fair warning though, it’s a LOT to take in. Don’t say we didn’t warn you okay? 

All Of Everything And A Lot Of Whacky

Urvashi Rautela bizarre fashion look


In the latest addition to her Instagram posts, Urvashi Rautela let out into the world some major bling, feathers and all the jazz there was. All the maximalists would probably be cowering in a corner because this is something beyond them too. There were exaggerated shoulders with feather details, a whole lot of embellishment and not to forget the elaborate headdress that we are still trying to configure. Excuse us because those many chains, beads, shell-like structures and a comeback of guess what, feathers (!) can be a bit much to decipher. 

If a picture speaks a thousand words, we wonder what one can say about a video. Which, BTW, exists and because we don’t want to have all the fun by ourselves, scroll down to take a look. (The time for caution has passed)

Not really the first time Miss Rautela or the “only Actor to win max no. of beauty titles in entire history ever” has bedazzled us and in all probability, neither the last. Lest you have forgotten, she debuted the oversized earrings long back, because she knows how we love them and also perhaps to let us know that the pair (of earrings) required a very dedicated assistant + concerned onlookers with frantic hands. 

Okay then. We have questions. For instance, why is that look? And what is it? Cleopatra will undoubtedly be in a bit of surprise shock over this depiction of hers but we think with time, she will recover. As for Urvashi, we can only hope that she takes it easy. 

Featured Image: Instagram

17 Nov 2020

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