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The Fashion World Is Going Upside Down With These Bizarre Trends!

The Fashion World Is Going Upside Down With These Bizarre Trends!

When we say the words ‘Upside Down’, people are instantly reminded of four adolescent boys on bikes with a weird looking girl in tow! And while Stranger Things has forever embedded the idea of a nightmarish upside down, the fashion industry is coming up with its own dedication to the popular the show. Lovers of new fashion, we have a treat for you guys today, but let’s start with something simple, shall we?

Can you spot the quirky detail in these shorts?

1 upside down

Yes! No more do you have to figure out how to turn your shorts upside down because they are making them. are you as confused as us?


internal upside down

A vintage brand called CIE Denim has come up with customised handmade denim which inverts the fitted waistband and raw hem of a pair of denim shorts. If you think that’s bizarre enough, they also make full-length pants and capris, named after the popular show’s characters, following the same idea:

2 upside down

3 upside down


There is a catch to this story though! While the industry comes up with its own weird trends from time to time, the ‘Upside Down’ jorts is quite confident in its appeal. The company is selling them at a whopping price of  $385 (~ Rs 26,400) and its customers don’t seem to mind. The style has already found favourites in the world of fashion models and influencers, let’s see where it heads from here! 

Now that we have the tamer style spoken for, let’s deep dive onto the next bizarre trend catching momentum… Upside Down Bikinis, and it is exactly what you think it is going to be:

internal trends 4

Italian model Valentina Fradegrada has been credited with thinking of and making this style popular on social media. If you are confused about how and what you are looking at, spare a few minutes to this tutorial:


This sexy swimwear trend has left the Insta world divided. While some appreciate the imagination and creativity put behind it… some find it completely unnecessary. Divided or not, it’s for sure one of the most risque trends to get so popular, with heightened possibilities of a wardrobe malfunction, this one is for the bold and unafraid to try!

internal trends 5

As suggested by its name, bikini tops are worn upside down with the ties stuffed into the front of the garment. And very organically, it has caught on with the top social media influencers in the business right now. The ‘Upside Down Bikini’ is well on its way to becoming the top summer trend of 2018. 

internal trends 6


Will you be trying this outlandish but totally sultry bikini trend this summer?

06 Jul 2018

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