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Oh No! Did Umar Riaz Just Get Evicted After A Violent Fight With Pratik Sehajpal?

“Bigg Boss house mein hinsa ka prayog vargit hai. “

We have heard this line in every single season of Bigg Boss to date. However, this rule seems to have become obsolete in Bigg Boss 15. From Karan Kundrra slam-dunking Pratik Sehajpal to Simba Nagpal pushing Umar Riaz into the pool, we have literally seen it all this season. Shockingly, all of it has been happening sans any consequences whatsoever. Looks like “warning” is the new eviction in the Bigg Boss house and actually, that explains a lot about why there are still 10 contestants inside the house with just two weeks remaining to the show’s finale. However, looks like Bigg Boss wants to give us a solid dose of nostalgia before dropping the curtain this season by penalising a violent contestant the good old fashioned way. Well, that’s at least what the latest promo of the show suggests. In a snippet from the show that is now going viral on social media, Umar Riaz can be seen getting into an aggressive fight with Pratik Sehajpal and charging at him like he has been doing with a lot of other contestants this season.

Now, while Salman Khan and the makers might be excusing Umar with just warnings all this while, the trailer suggests that he might have been given a serious punishment this time around. “Bigg Boss ke ghar main hinsa par kadi pabandi hai. Show ke 14 hafte poore kar show ki maryaada ko barkaraar rakhte hue, is anuchit vyavhaar par rok laga di jaye. Bigg Boss Umar ko is gahr se...,” Bigg Boss can be heard saying in the show’s promo. Here, take a look:

Sounds like Umar has been finally shown the door for his violent behaviour, right? Wrong! He is still very much inside the house and is, in fact, a VIP contestant now. Well, that is not too surprising given that it has been the trend this season and the makers continue to support their favourite ones irrespective of how problematic they might get in the show. However, here’s the catch—Umar Riaz continues to be in the Bigg Boss house not because of BB makers but ‘coz of Pratik’s bada dil. Yupp, you read that right!

Last night, after Umar violently attacked Pratik during a task, Bigg Boss actually condemned his behaviour and left his fate in the latter’s hand. In short, Pratik could have thrown him out of the house yesterday but he, in a very surprising turn of events, decided otherwise and told Bigg Boss that he does not want Umar to leave the show in such an unceremonious way. NGL, we are mighty impressed by Pratik’s call and the maturity that he has displayed here.


This is not to say that we condone Umar’s behaviour. In fact, given his track record in the show, it was really easy to throw him out of the house. This makes us even more surprised that Pratik actually saved him last night especially after all the aggressive fights that these two have been involved in throughout the season. The guy surely has shown phenomenal growth since Bigg Boss OTT and deserves to be appreciated for it. Of course, it can also be a really smart strategy to win the viewers’ hearts but guess what? It has 100 per cent worked this time. Gotta give it to Pratik Sehajpal for choosing to be a bigger man this time and not sabotaging Umar’s finale dreams. Respect!

Featured Image: Instagram

03 Jan 2022

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