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15 ‘Unladylike’ Things ALL Women Do – Take That, World!

We might be living in a world that is considered oh-so-modern, but let’s be honest – there still are things we do that are considered “unladylike”. “Beta, it’s okay if he does it, but you’re a girl!”. Sound familiar? Well, here are a few things ALL women do that are considered “unladylike”, but we do them anyway! Hah, take THAT, world!

1. Just staying unwaxed and hairy through the winter!

Hair keeps us warm, okay! Calm down.

things all women do

2. Swearing when we feel like it.

Hmm. Did you want to say something?

3. Sitting with our legs wide open. 

Okay, first – it’s kinda comfortable. Try sitting with your legs perfectly crossed over, at ALL times! Second – who cares?

things all women do

4. Eating whatever we want, however much we want, HOWEVER we want

Yes, that means eating 10 plates of biryani if we’re that hungry, with our hands, if we want!

5. Just lying around for a while after coming back from the gym instead of hitting the shower immediately!

“I’m tired, it’s my own sweat, I’m hungry and my favourite show just started. Heading for a shower in, ummmm, half an hour?”

things all women do

6. And then carrying on wearing our gym tracks or sweat pants just everywhere

To the mall, to the movies, (secretly) to work. Seriously, no one can even tell! Or can they? “Oh so comfy. I should buy one in every possible colour.”

7. Giving out actual warnings before we fart in front of our friends!

You think it’s more ladylike to just spring it on them out of nowhere? “Surprise! Smelly package coming your way.”

things all women do

8. Enjoying action, thriller, suspense movies MORE than rom-coms

No, I’m not a boy. Yes, I like and know my superheroes and cars! I don’t like every single, sad, soppy love story that was ever made! Deal with it.

9. Cheering, and by cheering we mean literally yelling our guts out, when our favourite team is playing!

“Goooooo Virat! YES YES YES.” Guess what, we understand the rules and we can even play the game pretty well. How about a match?

things all women do

10. Going braless the minute we get the chance!

You should try it too. Airy, breezy, cool. No more boob jail. Such a wonderful feeling.

11. Also, just wearing the same bra 2 days in a row (sometimes even 3!)

What can we say, it makes our boobs look great. Perfect fit, you know.

things all women do

12. Fidgeting and wriggling around to deal with that wedgie. (Sometimes even if there are other people around. :-P)

Because, hello, SO damn uncomfortable!

13. Burping after a good scrumptious meal or a fizzy drink.

Could you control yours after you finished that Coke? No, right? So, give us a break! “Gaaah. Oops. Hehe”.

things all women do

14. Saying “thank you” and accepting a compliment as soon as someone gives us one! (What modesty?!)

Isn’t that called being gracious? You said I look great, I agree! So, thank you.

15. Going to bed without removing our makeup OR brushing our teeth!

Of course, we care about our skin and teeth! We’re just not obsessed. Plus, we could just be super tired!

things all women do

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05 May 2016

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