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Move Over Chocolate Cakes: These Cool *New* Wedding Cakes Are Here To Steal The Show!

Move Over Chocolate Cakes: These Cool *New* Wedding Cakes Are Here To Steal The Show!

When getting married, every couple wants their wedding to be perfect in every way. Be it the decor, the food or the dress code – everything has to be on point. But what they usually miss out is picking a unique wedding cake. Most people go for the regular buttercream or chocolate cakes with lots of flowers on them. But hey, it’s your wedding, make it large! Alright, seriously, if you want the bestest cake for your big day, then here is a list of 7 most unique wedding cake designs we came across on Instagram. They look so yummy, we know how we wrote this!


1. Laal dupatta…

How gorgeous is this cake with the gold-toned motifs and a red dupatta designed on it. Perfectly sums up everything that Indian weddings stand for!

2. One with a ‘rosy’ twist

A post shared by Rohima Khatun (@rohimascakes) on Nov 7, 2017 at 6:16am PST

If you want to go for a regular tiered cake for your big day, make sure you make it special in some way. This stunning cake with gold-toned paisley motifs and stunning red roses just took our breath away!

3. Can’t get enough of your dress?

A bride can never get enough of her wedding dress. So, why not incorporate it in as many aspects of your wedding as possible? This cake is an exact replica of the bride’s stunning dress, and we have nothing more to say except #goals!

4. Put a face on it

Not saying that people need to see your faces on the wedding cake to make sure that it’s your big day (just kidding, btw!), but this can be a great option for some couples out there. It all depends on your choice.

5. For the Sabyasachi bride

First words that came to our mind after seeing this cake, you ask? So very stunning! We’ve all seen those classic vanilla cakes with generic cake toppers, but this is another level. An actual Indian couple made out of sugar, placed elegantly on the cake. This is LOVE!

6. Coz one cake is never enough!

A post shared by Rohima Khatun (@rohimascakes) on Nov 4, 2017 at 5:46am PDT

This is our favourite one of the lot. One can never get enough of a floral pattern on cakes and neither can we ever have enough cake on the table. Ek se bhale do, right? Also, more that the cakes themselves, what we loved most about them was the way they were presented – on a blingy swing decked with flowers and glitter.

7. Nothing explains a desi wedding better than a dholak!

Dholaks and dhols are two things that signify the celebration that is a desi wedding. So, why not incorporate this amazing aspect of an Indian wedding into the cake too? It is hands down a very cool idea!                                             

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