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Peacock Motifs No More – Here Are 6 *Unique* Mehendi Designs We Spotted On Real Brides!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Nov 6, 2017
Peacock Motifs No More – Here Are 6 *Unique* Mehendi Designs We Spotted On Real Brides!


A peacock, some flowers, dome-shaped things and paisley motifs – tell us what this is and you might stand a chance to win a prize! Well, you probably guessed it right. These are the standard Indian mehendi designs that we see on brides ad nauseam. Honestly, aren’t you just bored of all these cliche designs? We know we are. Though they look gorgeous no-matter-what, it’s always nice to see a refreshing change from the usual. Here are 6 real brides who opted for some really pretty and unique mehendi designs that would definitely give you some creative inspiration. Take a look!

1. Puppy love, literally!

A post shared by prashanta (@divyahenna) on Sep 3, 2017 at 11:53pm PDT

We know the insane amount of love people have for their doggos, and there is no harm in including your furry friends in every aspect of your wedding. We have seen pets involved in a couple photoshoots, become ring bearers and even be an integral part of the pheras. So why leave mehendi behind? Here’s a bride who showed her love for her little guy by getting him etched into her mehendi design. We can’t even…

If you want super dark bridal mehendi, then we suggest you get this tea oil from Amazon ASAP! It will give you the darkest and prettiest mehendi ever and is available just for Rs 899.

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2. The tale of love…

It’s so much work telling all your guests about your love story and how it all started, isn’t it? So our very own Plixxo Super Blogger Masoom Minawala came up with this genius trick where she got her love story designed into her mehendi. The London Eye and London Bridge hold a lot of importance for her, because that is where Shailin (her husband) proposed to her! Isn’t this a great idea? We are surely impressed!

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3. What’s your mantra?

3 mehendi designs mantra

All of us have a phrase, a slogan or a mantra that we hold close to our hearts, and for this bride it was the Gayatri Mantra, which she got beautifully written in her mehendi. It doesn’t just look pretty, but we are sure it gave the bride a very nice and positive feeling on her big day.

In that one moment that we took our eyes off the beautiful mehendi design, we couldn’t help but notice the bride’s gorgeous yellow outfit. So we found this pretty kurta in the same colour on Jabong for Rs 700. Hurry, it’s a steal!

4. #Hashtag on the hands

We’ve seen people put up their wedding hashtags on Instagram, on the entrances to their wedding venue and even on the tables at their wedding and pre-wedding functions. But this bride went a step ahead and added the hashtag to her mehendi design. And it looked so SO cool!

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5. In alliance with your spiritual side

It’s amazing to be in touch with your spiritual side at all times, and how can somebody who is so devoted to their religion not incorporate it in all the aspects of their wedding! This pretty bride got caricatures of her God embroidered on her wedding lehenga. And not just that, she even got them etched in her mehendi and we’re touched!

We found a similar blue dupatta just like the one the bride is wearing! Wanna know where? Well, it’s available on Amazon for just Rs 385. Go get it!

6. We’re the foodies

This is going to be most of us at our wedding! For all the brides who love food, this is the perfect way to go about their bridal mehendi. The bride included the images of the two foods- fries and coke, because this was what she had with her husband-to-be on their first date. How adorable is that! Do you remember what you ordered on your first date with your to-be hubby? If not, then get thinking ladies…

We love all these designs to the T! Which one is your favourite though? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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