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Show Your Bestie You Care: 6 Unique Gifts Your Clean Freak BFF Will Love

Show Your Bestie You Care: 6 Unique Gifts Your Clean Freak BFF Will Love

You may be tired of virtual parties, socially-distanced hangouts, and you may want to have face-to-face conversations with your friends outside of your home. But we’re still living amid a global pandemic, so taking precautions is something that we can’t afford to forget. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your besties how much you care about them.

If you haven’t been able to see your bestie even on Friendship Day this year, we’ve got some ideas for you. As keeping things clean, sanitized and germ-free is the need of the hour, we suggest you send your besties these personal care products that very well solve the purpose. WIPEOUT by MyGlamm is the perfect gift you can buy for yourself and send to your friends. After all, nothing says ‘I-care-about-you-and-hope-you-stay-safe’ better than a box of sanitizing products.

Another point to keep in mind is that WIPEOUT is useful even in the post-pandemic world. Disinfecting and sanitizing should become a habit if we want to protect ourselves from diseases and viruses in the future. Aside from sanitizing high touch objects, groceries, and surrounding areas, we need to realize that our skin deserves some protection too. 

WIPEOUT by MyGlamm is unlike your ordinary germ-killing products. What makes these products the ideal gift for friendship day is the fact that they are packed with natural extracts that not only keep the nasties away but are also a treat for the skin as they keep it moisturised, soft and supple.

6 Unique Gifts Your Clean Freak BFF Will Love

Here are 6 products from the WIPEOUT by MyGlamm collection that will fit well into your bestie’s daily personal care routine.

Start the Day Fresh with WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash

Bacteria and microbes have a way of settling on the skin and multiplying, which can lead to issues like rashes, acne, and eczema or worse, so it’s important to keep your skin germ-free. By gifting your bestie the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash, your BFF can start the day fresh and protected minus any bacteria. Enriched with natural antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil, chamomile and lavender oil, this product will get rid of any impurities that settle on the skin. If your BFF is like the rest of us and is all about maintaining that baby soft, youthful skin, this body wash is perfect as it is also packed with natural skin-regenerating properties. By gifting your bestie this body wash, her mind can be at ease knowing that her skin is protected around the clock!

After Shower Prep With The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Lotion

Body wash and body lotion go hand in hand. Applying lotion directly after a shower is the key to maintaining soft, smooth skin as it locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. But since we’re living in a pandemic world, you also need to protect your skin from germs. The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Lotion keeps the microbes away but locks in moisture. Your bestie is sure to love this body lotion because it possesses properties like cocoa butter, tea tree oil, rose and cucumber extracts that refresh the skin. Besides that, nutgrass oil and chlorhexidine help stop the growth of germs and defend your skin all day long by creating a protective barrier.

Keep The Air Clean At Home With WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray

Germs, bacteria, pollutants are present everywhere–outdoors, on surfaces and even in your own home. If your BFF is working from home, help her keep her surroundings clean by gifting her the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray. With this product, she can keep her workspace germ-free and clean. Packed with antimicrobial ingredients like lemongrass oil, neem and lemon extracts, this spray will not only sanitize but also freshen her surroundings, leaving behind a pleasant aroma that won’t cause any irritation.

Grocery Runs with WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes

As much we would like to stay home until the pandemic is over, we need to run errands and for your bestie, it’s probably no different. If she’s in charge of grocery, medicine, ATM runs, make sure she stays safe with the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes. These wipes are easy to carry around and effortlessly slip into the bag. Made with germ-fighting natural ingredients, your bestie can use these wipes to clean contaminated grocery cart handles, wipe down ATM buttons and even clean high touch areas within the vehicle she’s travelling in. At home, she can also use the wipes to eliminate germs from her electronics and other hot spot areas.

Get Soft Hands with WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream

Is your BFF complaining about dry, flaky skin due to all that hand washing? Then the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream is just what she needs. Since constant hand washing is inevitable given our current situation, this hand cream will keep her skin soft and supple. Made from natural extracts, it will also moisturize her skin, eliminating any germs that were left behind after washing.

Happy Feet with WIPEOUT Germ Killing Foot Cream

Her personal care routine wouldn’t be complete without a foot cream. While it may seem like an unconventional gift, believe it or not, our feet are the unsung heroes who need more pampering. Think about it, standing on your feet the entire day puts pressure on your heels, causing the skin to expand and crack, while lack of moisture can dry out the skin. So trust us when we say–your feet deserve some love too! Show your bestie how much you care by adding the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Foot Cream to your sanitizing gift package. Made from cocoa butter, purifying lavender oil and anti-inflammatory ginger extracts, this foot cream will keep her feet hydrated and soft.

And the best part of gifting these products is that you don’t even need to leave your house. Just go to the MyGlamm website, add the products to your cart and they will be delivered to your BFF. So, what are you waiting for? Shop these products and show your besties how much you care about them. 

Featured image: MyGlamm

Toss these products in your purse, desk drawer, car or gym bag to sanitize anytime, anywhere. Ready to make WIPEOUT your new BFF? Check it out here

03 Aug 2020

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