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10 Unexpected Things That Can Be Red Flags In Your Relationship

10 Unexpected Things That Can Be Red Flags In Your Relationship

Sometimes, the signs that your relationship is in the doldrums are way beyond obvious, and sometimes that isn’t the case. However, most often, the red flags aren’t actually all that hard to see, but we just ignore them for the sake of convenience. Ladies, here are 10 red flags in the relationship that you need to watch out for.


1. Too much interference in each other’s lives

If one is interfering too much in the other’s life, micromanaging at every level, it is a sure-fire sign that things are not going to be easy peasy from hereon.

2. You can’t talk about things

Be it fear or doubts, you don’t feel like you can share your problems with each other because you are scared of the reaction you’ll get.

3. Everything is a problem

Whatever you do – good or bad – isn’t acceptable, and that’s definitely not a good thing.

3 red flags in a relationship - zooey deschanel whats your problem

4. Nothing’s good enough

When you both stop seeing the effort one is putting in for the other to feel happy and content, it sure is a red flag in the relationship.

5. You’re not a part of each other’s plans all too often

Or each other’s life, for that matter. Even if it means all his weekends are busy or that you just can’t take him out for movies with your friends. Time to pull the plug, ladies.

6. You’re laughed at…

… And are talked down to. This is a complete no-no, no matter who does it.

6 red flags in a relationship - leonardo di caprio smiling

7. You realise your value system is very different from your partner’s

You begin to realise that you both have different sets of values, and both of you feel strongly for them, and are unwilling to bend.

8. Fickle mindedness galore

When either of your thoughts, words and opinions change in a jiffy, there sure is trouble in paradise.

9. You begin to keep secrets from each other

Becoming secretive about small and big things sure isn’t a healthy sign in the relationship, ladies.

9 red flags in a relationship - he is secretive

10. Saying sorry is next to impossible

‘Sorry’ isn’t part of either of your dictionaries!

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08 Aug 2017

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