9 Unexpectedly Sexy Moves You Should Try On Him!

Samantha NairSamantha Nair  |  Oct 26, 2017
9 Unexpectedly Sexy Moves You Should Try On Him!


Your man deserves some extra attention once in awhile and sometimes, we forget to pamper him in bed. There are a few things that guarantee his immediate attention, in a good way. So this weekend, we have a few pointers for you. To get him hot and bothered, in, or out of bed.

1. Morning Blowjob

This is on every guy’s fantasy list. Men love waking up to a blowjob, followed by some mind blowing morning sex!

01 sexy moves

2. Try Using Mirrors

Next time you get down and dirty, surprise him with a mirror (either placed on the ceiling or facing you two). Imagine watching your partner and you having sex, it’s like his own personal porn.

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3. Keep Your Clothes On

Remember those high school days when you dry humped? Cause you never had sex? Go back to that for a bit (an hour maybe). Prolonging the foreplay with sexy lingerie can intensify the orgasm and definitely always works.

03 sexy moves

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4. Flash Him

Unexpectedly flash him, avoid public places or moving cars (could cause accidents if you’re too sexy). But just watching his face switch in split seconds is worth it.

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5. Use A Sex Toy

Now the sex toy could be for you, or for him, depending on how comfortable you two are with experimenting. But if you are surprising him, introduce a vibrator into the playground. 

05 sexy moves

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6. Clench Your Muscles

You know when he’s inside you and you can feel the muscles in your vagina relaxing? Try clenching them instead, and you’ll see the effect it has on him in response.

7. Use Bondage

Invest in a pair of handcuffs and ask him if he’s in the mood to be a little naughty? Add a blindfold to the mix and maybe some scented candles? Play on all the senses except sight.

07 sexy moves

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8. Sext Him

Send him a text at work, explicitly describing the things you want to do to him bed. And you’ll receive your reward later in the day.

9. Wait For Him

Wait by the door in a sexy cover-up (minus the lingerie) and get naked as soon as he comes home from work. His jaw is sure to drop.

09 sexy moves

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