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Uh-Oh! 8 Underwear Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Just ‘coz no one can see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your underwear! They form the basis for a flattering or not-so flattering overall style. From panty lines and bumps to back bulges, our lingerie can really help make or break a look. We give you a few underwear mistakes you didn’t even know you were making – and how to fix them to compliment your body and style.

1. Back Bulge

Underwear Mistakes Don’t worry if you have skin spilling out from the edges of your bra – it doesn’t really mean that your back is horribly flabby like you thought. It just means that the fit of your bra is all wrong. The Fix: Please don’t go buy looser bras to try and solve the problem; buy one that fits you perfectly. The band should sit below your shoulder blades and stay like that instead of riding up or down. You can also try a shapewear camisole like Jockey Lightweight Seamless Tank to smoothen out back fat if you feel like you need something extra.



2. Not Having Multi-Purpose Bras

Underwear Mistakes A tattered bra strap peeping out can really ruin your look when you go sleeveless or wear a racer-back top. Not wearing the right bra for the occasion is a big faux pas we’ve all been guilty of at some point or the other. The Fix: Multi-purpose bras are a must for the summer months, since it’s easy to switch the straps to suit your outfit. They’re also perfect for when you want to go strapless or backless. We love the Enamor Front Open Multiway Demi Bra. Also, always remember to never wear a white bra under darker colours, it will always show up under sunlight and camera flashes.

3. Visible Panty Lines

Underwear Mistakes A problem that ALL of us have faced numerous times, visible panty lines are an unsightly offence when you wear trousers, tight clothes and slinky fabrics like jersey and satin. Also, lacy or embellished bras show up below flimsy materials. The Fix: With styles like thongs and G-strings, you don’t need to worry about panty lines. But if you’re not a fan of them, you need to get yourself some seamless panties and bras. Seamless undies are stretchy and soft, and they lie flat against the skin so they don’t leave obvious lines under your clothes. We recommend the PrettySecrets Purple Cheetah Thong.


4. The Uniboob

Underwear Mistakes When you have two of them, it really isn’t a great look when they appear as one, with no distinction between both your breasts. This is a common problem faced by large-chested women, especially because of minimizer bras that compress the breasts and downplay the cup size. It can also be caused by bras that have lost their shape. The Fix: It’s best to favour bras that don’t compress your breasts but lift them up and separate them with plenty of underwired support, like the Amante Plush Silk Moulded Underwired Bra. Embracing your size with these bras will also help you appear taller and slimmer, so don’t be afraid to stand tall and channel some major confidence. Trust us, nothing is sexier!

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5. Not Wearing A Sports Bra

Underwear Mistakes There are tons of small-chested women who don’t even own a sports bra! Ladies, whether you are an A-cup or a D, wearing a sports bra is a must while exercising. Your girls need that extra support as all that vigorous movement can damage the ligaments in your breasts, which WILL lead to sagging. Yikes! The Fix: What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a sports bra! You can try the Jockey Racerback Medium Impact Sports Bra.


6. The Embarrassing Muffin Top

Underwear Mistakes Stop hating on your belly – this isn’t really because of your body but more because of your faulty underwear! Panties that are too tight are the main culprits for all that bulging over the top. The Fix: Every brand has a different size guide – sometimes a medium gives a small fit, so even if it tells you that it’s your size, it doesn’t mean that it’s right. Move up a size and always try them on (on top of the undies you’re already wearing for hygiene purposes, please!) before purchasing. You can also try tummy control undies like Swee Daisy High Control Low Waist Shaping Briefs to combat any traces of a muffin top and keep those love handles in check.


7. Tossing Your Bras Into The Washing Machine

Underwear Mistakes This will definitely make them lose their shape and provide insufficient support, which will make your twins appear saggy. The Fix: Hand-wash them gently. And if you must put them in the machine, make sure it’s on the most delicate setting.


8. Flaunting A Camel Toe

Underwear Mistakes Another problem that basically leaves nothing to the imagination, the camel toe is like a wedge in the front. It can be caused by too little coverage, so save those thongs and going commando for tight dresses, but wear them with leggings and other fitted pants. The Fix: Camel toes are caused by too little coverage in the front as well as the back. If you’re worried about panty lines and decide to wear a G-string with tight trousers, you run the risk of a camel toe. Instead, it’s always safer to wear a low-rise, seamless panty like the Hanes No Panty Line Bikini Briefs to save yourself from both these unflattering problems.

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06 May 2016
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