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5 Underrated Luxury Perfumes That Deserve A Spot On Your Vanity

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 27, 2021
5 Underrated Luxury Perfumes That Deserve A Spot On Your Vanity


Who doesn’t like smelling good? If you walk into a party or go for a date, your perfume can make a statement before you even open your mouth. They transport you to a time when you felt warm, happy and confident and one spritz and you feel all those wonderful feelings again.

If you’re looking to replace your fave teenage Victoria’s Secret body mist with a new, signature fragrance then we’ve got just the list for you. These are exclusive and luxe fragrances that you can totally treat yourself with once in a while.

You Are Rare And So Are These Fragrances!

The category of fragrance is a part of beauty that scores extra points in the personal category. Your fragrance is, in a way, a mini-disclaimer of you when you enter a room. Deciding on one fragrance that you will be smelling like the whole day for weeks to come is the real definition of commitment. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding your fragrance twin (or triplet) at a party, there is something absolutely personal, charming and mysterious about having a rare signature fragrance. So if you’re someone who is on the hunt for exactly that, we have for you here a list of underrated luxury perfumes that are more than worthy of racking the win for becoming your signature fragrance.

All About That Intensity

This is an oriental spicy fragrance for women with warm, sweet and smooth fragrance notes of cardamom, pink pepper, saffron, juniper and musk. It is a heady aroma that is perfect for anyone looking for something intense.

For A Classic Vibe

If you’re someone who is not a trend follower, but a trendsetter, this Mont Blanc fragrance is the best match for you. It is a romantic floral EDT with a classy combination of floral and oriental notes. Gently opening with the notes of pink pepper, red currant and bay leaf into the heart of rose and lotus, this beautiful scent ends with a smooth blend of vanilla, patchouli and musk.

Floral Beauties

Princess is an amber floral fragrance for women that open with fruity top notes of mandarin orange, apricot and apple into the heart of floral notes like tiare flower and tuberose. It smoothly ends with powdery base notes of vanilla, woody and amber. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a princess!

Make An Eclectic Statement

This Carine Roitfeld fragrance ties a bit of tradition with a whole lot of modern with its electrified fragrance notes. Delicate floral notes open into the heart of enhanced floral notes with a combination of woody, earthy and leathery base notes. A rare one for sure.

When You’re Feeling Sensual

The name holds no secrets! This is a floral oriental fragrance that mixes sensual floral fragrance notes like Egyptian Jasmine, Asian Gardenia, Bulgarian Red Rose with smooth oriental notes like Japanese Osmanthus, Italian Bergamot, Italian Clementine. This expertly formulated blend of natural oils is perfect for your intimate night out with someone special.

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