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Get Ready To See Summer’s ‘Umbrella’ Hair Colour Trend Everywhere

Get Ready To See Summer’s ‘Umbrella’ Hair Colour Trend Everywhere

If you’re thinking about getting a fresh colour, we don’t blame you. We’ve all been hit by the “new hair, new me” vibe, and with the pros available to us once again, we can really ramp things up in the hair department – nothing is off-limits. 

If you are jonesing for a hair colour refresh, let us introduce you to a hair colour trend that basically guarantees it-girl status. Hot off the trail of expensive brunette is a killa’ hair colour trend that’s making waves in the beauty world. Yes, we are talking about the umbrella colour trend that has amassed the trend-minded folks, with 150,000 posts and counting on Instagram. The look typically features two contrasting hair colours stacked on top of each other. This gives the effect of an umbrella, with one colour on top of the head and a different colour peeking through underneath. Whether your style is more classic, trend-forward, or anything in between- you’ll feel inspired to recreate it ASAP. So, scroll down to see the hottest iterations that we’re loving right now!

Umbrella Hair Colour Is Making Waves RN, Here’s How To Try The Trend

Perf For Minimal Trend-Setters

If you are a minimalist who loves indulging in the latest in the beauty world then this might be your favourite way to wear the trend. This one is subtle in its approach and edgy enough to help you make a head-turning statement. It involves dipping the lower half of the topmost layers of your hair in a contrasting shade and can be easily done at home. Pick up your fave hue and get to work ladies.

For Major Cool-Girl Vibes

When it comes to hair colour, a handful of styles are reigning supreme right now: skunk hair, balayage, and all-around blonde being some of them. But if you’re looking to make a statement and show off your creativity in a more subtle way, then this hair colour style is perf for you. The best bits? It works on all hair types, textures and requires little-to-no maintenance. Think bright pink, blonde and blue.

Legally Blonde

This blonde colour melt looks stunning in a short crop. The curls and asymmetric cut make it especially stunning. Adding a few layers on top will do the trick for folks with long tresses and it looks undeniable chic. We’re suckers for bright-hued highlights, so it’s no wonder we’re swooning over this fad.

The Coolest Iteration

If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your overall look, this iteration of the umbrella hair colour trend might be just the thing for you. For glam queens who are always up for trying something new, this one is for you. It’s effortless, stand-out and a perf hair switch up for those of us who love being the first one to usher in a new beauty trend. 

The Compliment-Inducing Style

Here’s yet another subtle version to wear the colour-blocking trend. If you are looking for a chic yet standout variation, opt for this classic style. It involves dividing the hair into two sections, the lower half dyed in a natural blend – a colour that’s closer to your natural hair shade. A solid-hued unnatural opposite on the upper half will round off the look well. It will also add an illusion of density and depth to your strands.

Effortlessly Chic!

If you prefer tying your hair down on most days, consider this chic variant of the trend. Even a thin layer on the top of your mane can make you go from zero to hero. It will impart a bold sensibility that’s effortlessly understated and playfully chic. It’s an easy version of the wildly popular hair trend and looks oh-so-stylish.

Thinking about rocking a new hair colour? Bookmark these styles before you go to your trusted stylist!

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Jun 2022

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