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Here’s Why Your Grandmother’s Fav Skincare Nuska Is Trending RN

Here’s Why Your Grandmother’s Fav Skincare Nuska Is Trending RN

Indian households have long ritualised the practice of crafting a DIY glow-inducing paste for the face. Brimming with the richness of yoghurt, almonds, turmeric, milk, and other power-packed ingredients, this skin-loving formula is smeared onto the skin with a promise of resurrecting our radiance, de-tanning our faces, diminishing signs of ageing, and more. We’re sure you’ve guessed it. Yes. We’re referring to ubtan. This one’s quite the nuska.

I remember rustling up a couple of ingredients to prepare the concoction alongside my best friends at 3 A.M. But ubtan isn’t kitchen-bound anymore. This concoction has ventured out of the household and diffused into the commercial world of skincare to enhance the efficacy of brightening, de-tanning, and glow-inducing products. And rightfully so. Let’s go over the benefits of this all-natural mask.

Everything You Must Know About Ubtan

What Is Ubtan?

It’s a medley of natural as well as Ayurvedic ingredients that improve the appearance of the skin without the intervention of chemicals, treatments, or procedures. The yellow-ish age-old concoction isn’t limited to one recipe either. You can tweak, add, and subtract according to the nature and type of your skin; but most of them feature fundamental ingredients like milk, turmeric, besan, rose-water, and sandalwood powder. Some employ neem into the equation to counter acne; some infuse the formula with oatmeal for softer and exfoliated skin; some pump in hydration with cucumber; and some throw in nuts like almonds, cashews, and pistachios to reinstate the face’s radiance. And some even include cereals, spices, and pulses.

What Are Its Benefits?

Apart from reviving your glow and radiance, ubtan exfoliates the skin, and sloughs off impurities, dirt, oils, and grime from the surface. This ensures that your face is cleansed, and the rest of your skincare formulas seep into your skin seamlessly. It allows your skin to retain more moisture, and, hence, reveal a healthful, youthful glow. It can reduce the appearance of spots, wrinkles, and lines, and, thanks to turmeric and sandalwood’s antibacterial properties, counter acne, keep the infection in check, and inhibit the growth of bacteria. That’s not it. It can remove your tan, tighten your pores, lighten darker spots, and firm your skin in the process. It’s said that ubtan can reduce facial hair by weakening the roots, and discouraging further growth.

Want To DIY It?

For A Lit-From-Within Glow

How do you rid your skin of a deep-seated tan? With an ubtan-based face-pack. Just mix the mentioned ingredients together till they form a paste, and apply the pack to your skin for 15 minutes before washing it off. Who says you cannot DIY your way out of a tan?

For Countering Facial Hair

If you’d rather not wax or shave your peach-fuzz or facial-hair, we have just the hack for you. All you need is gram flour, turmeric, milk, and coconut oil, and you’re well on your way to a fuzz-free complexion. Painless and inexpensive!

For A Bride-To-Be

Brides-to-be, prep your skin for D-day with this glow-inducing body-pack ASAP. We’re sure you’ve treated your face to a lot of masks and facials; but the rest of your body deserves just as much attention as your face.

Our Favourite Ubtan-Based Products

If you’re struggling with acne, pimples, and spots, this is your go-to mask to soothe and salvage your skin—thanks to its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. And it’s packed with hydrating ingredients that reinstate the suppleness of your skin over time.

Struggling with open pores and hyperpigmentation? Try this chemical-free Ubtan-based exfoliator. This treatment tightens your pores, eliminates blemishes, and deep-cleanses with a blend of fresh, sun-dried and hand pounded herbs including Neem, Turmeric, Fenugreek and Multani Mitti.  

This double-duty product strips your skin of deep-seated impurities while resurrecting your long-lost glow. Formulated with skin-soothing properties, it reduces greasiness, tanning, and spots and pigmentation on the skin.

Looking for an effective skin-brightener? Here you go. This face-cum-body-pack does just that. A medley of skin-loving ingredients like turmeric, ubtan, sugar, saffron, and chickpea flour prevents acne flare-ups, evens out your complexion, moisturises and photo-protects, and gently exfoliates the skin to reveal a healthy-looking flush.

Whether you DIY it or buy a pre-formulated product, you’ll notice results soon enough.

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29 Apr 2022

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