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Selfie Le Le Re: The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses

Selfie Le Le Re: The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses

You’re all decked up, you’re having a good hair day, your eyeliner game is strong or there’s perfect lighting, do we really need any more reason to click selfies? Capturing a moment is best done by clicking a selfie, of course! In case you’re wondering how to take selfies and become a pro at it like the Insta stars, we’ve got you covered.

How To Take a Selfie

Types Of Selfies

Ways To Click A Good Selfie

Your front camera is on, you’re flaunting your beaming smile and you hit click. It’s that simple to click a selfie. But the tricky part is to get it right. Here are secret tips to acing a perfect selfie.

Look upward to the camera

Lay on your bed, hold your phone above you and turn on the front camera. An upward angle makes you look more selfie-ready. It enhances your features and makes your face look sharp. Try to raise your eyebrows slightly as that will make your face appear larger and your selfie better. Also, try to hold your phone with two hands for a clearer picture of the best angle. This selfie might not need too many filters as it will come out great anyway.

Extend your head away from my neck

Extending your face forward enhances your jawline and draws attention to your cheekbones. Make sure to keep your neck back and move your face forward for a better and more detailed selfie. It’s the best way to hide any traces of a double chin and make your face look more chiseled.

Get a selfie stick

For a non-shaky and better photo, go grab a selfie stick. It’s super easy to use and betters the quality of your pictures. It can incorporate a wider view and of course, more people. You can easily capture your backdrop and wouldn’t have to struggle with a blurry background. While clicking a selfie, The Twin Towers, Burj Khalifa or The Taj Mahal will be in your frame too.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- selfie stick

Pout on point

Who said the best way to a great selfie is with a big smile? Instead, when in doubt, just pout! Apply some hot red lipstick or go nude to enhance your lips for a perfect pout. It is one of the safest poses and you can never go wrong with it.

Good lighting

It is extremely important to have appropriate lighting to get a good selfie. If it’s too dark or too bright, you’ll end up capturing nothing. Make sure you’re not standing against the light unless of course, you want a silhouette picture. But if you’re looking for a good and bright selfie then let the light fall on you. In case the surroundings are too bright, tap your phone screen to adjust the light settings, this will help you get a great selfie.

Caption For Mirror Selfies

Suitable background

It’s all about the perfect backdrop, right? Why would anyone get clicked in front of a busy road or a garbage dump? Look for a good background that compliments your outfit and doesn’t overshadow it. Also, make sure that the background doesn’t jitter on camera. This will ruin your perfect selfie and make the picture unsuitable to look at for the eye. Get clicked at the beach with the waves and sand as your background, a good wall with interesting wallpapers or take selfies with the hills in the background. A great background will enhance your photos.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- selfie at beach

Avoid Shadows

Shadows spoil a selfie unless you’re being artsy about them. Shadows cover more than half the face, making a selfie appear incomplete and dull. Avoid standing against the sun to prevent dark shadows from ruining a perfectly good photo.

Know when it’s flash time

Phone flashes disturb the aesthetics of a selfie. It messes up the natural lighting, making the selfie look unappealing. You must avoid flash whenever you can and use it only when it’s too dark. And most importantly, DO NOT use flash when you’re clicking a mirror selfie. It reflects on the mirror and that’s the only thing that shows in the picture.

Don’t fake a smile

A picture comes out better when you’re smiling and are genuinely happy. A staged smile can look fake and will spoil your selfie. Think about an incident or moment that makes you happy and the pictures are sure to come out really good. Those moments are priceless and cherish worthy even later.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- fake smile

Try using a prop

Sometimes you should focus on more things than just yourself while clicking a selfie. Take a cute pillow, your pet, some fruit, your pair of new stilettos or even something as basic as a stuffed toy and pose with it. Your selfies will come out not just good, but different from the usual ones.

Discover your best angles

It is very important to discover the right angles for your face. It could be the right side, the left side or even the aerial view. Just pick your angles and tilt the phone slightly in that direction. This will highlight the features which you want to be highlighted in the picture and it sure will come out lovely. Also, avoid clicking selfies from the front angle, they make you look a little stocky.

Experiment with expressions

Make a fish face, a duck face, smile, frown, laugh, show just your eyes or stick your tongue out – experiment with your expressions for selfies that are anything but monotonous.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- expressions

Use the right filters and don’t over edit

We all love filters. Period. There are few pictures of ours that we don’t add filters to. But there’s something we must keep in mind while adding filters and that is, they should enhance the quality of the pictures and not make it look unreal. The filter shouldn’t change the colors of the pictures to the extent that it looks nothing like the original photo. Also, one must embrace their features and not go overboard with editing software. It only makes you feel more insecure about yourself. Keep it natural.

Types Of Selfies

Whoever said you can take too many selfies was wrong! Selfies are a fun and entertaining way to let our emotions out there. Don’t worry, girls – if you’ve been accused of taking tons of selfies, then just know you have us standing with you. Here is a list of the types of selfies every girl has taken…just for the love of selfies!

The no-makeup selfie

We all love to go au natural. Getting your makeup just right is annoying and what’s worse is that everyone knows you have makeup on. We’d rather go with our natural beauty and look awesome anyway!

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- no makeup selfie

The changing room selfie

I mean, c’mon, who can afford everything that we take to the changing room, right? But that should not limit us from showing it off! We’ve all used the flattering changing room light to the best of its capabilities – and why shouldn’t we, it’s there for a reason! #OOTD, am I right?

The working girl selfie

Let’s not hide that we have all put up at least one  ‘Monday blues’ or a ‘Work. Work. Work. Work.’ selfie with somebody’s borrowed spectacles. It instantly lightens our mood on a dull workday. The fact that we can be so stressed but fabulous deserves a self-five!

The snapchat filter selfie

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- snapchat

The doggy filter, the flower crown filter, the sad face filter, the rainbow filter – you name it and we’ve tried it. And we’re proud of it! Why put the efforts of the creator to waste when we can look goofy but super awesome using them?!

The ‘OMG, I love animals’ selfie

Because we stand up for animal rights and also they are cute AF. Not only do we have thousands of selfies with our pets, but we also don’t even let go of other people’s pets or even street animals. After all, they deserve our love!

The foodie selfie

Sometimes food is just irresistible. There is no other explanation. It looks so delicious and lovely that we can’t help but show everyone on social media what a great lunch/dinner we’re about to gulp down.

The duck face selfie

Aren’t we all obsessed with making a duckface when it comes to clicking selfies? One of the main reasons being that it looks good from every angle, wouldn’t you agree?

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- duck face

The fitness freak selfie

Who cares that we go to the gym once in 3 months? That one day makes up for a year’s worth of pictures with motivational quotes! Be it on the treadmill or posing with dumbbells, we’ve done it all.

The groupfie!

Every girl who loves taking selfies is always the one getting her gang of girls together for a groupfie! It’s a difficult task, but we take it upon ourselves to complete it and get at least one decent picture out of it.

The ‘driving’ selfie

The one you take to show how great a driver you are, but which actually kind of questions your driving skills…and your safety! This is also popularly known as a carfie.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- carfie

The ‘Look at me having fun’ selfie

These are the tons of selfies you take when you are out with your friends as proof that you had fun. Hey, no one is judging. You are going out after a super long time and the world is all ‘Insta it or it didn’t happen’ these days!

The candid selfie

The one in which you look like you are not looking because you are busy doing something else, but, in fact, all you are trying to do is get a decent picture without breaking either your arm or your phone!

The bathroom selfie

There is just something about the bathroom mirror that makes us stop, stare and take at least a hundred selfies! Be it the good lighting or privacy, we all love bathroom selfies as we can take tonnes until we get the one that perfect photo.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- bathroom selfie

The ‘friends only’ selfie

These are the selfies you only send to the people who are in your safe zone. Why? Because they are completely and totally ugly! All the double chins, weird faces – everything and anything you’ve been hiding from the world – you feel free to expose in these secret selfies!

The ‘I’m so single’ selfie

And after those relationship fails, when you need to let the world know that you are single and ready to mingle, you take up the power of a selfie combined with a funny meme/ quote and voila! You are the cool new single girl in town.

The couple selfie

Chronicling date night with #Bae is pretty important. Don’t you love to let the whole wide world know how much you love him…even if this is only the third date. Oh well!

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- couple selfie

The classy selfie

The one in which you look like you just walked out of Sonam Kapoor’s closet because you look absolutely stunning. Usually accompanied by a glass of wine and red lipstick!

The ‘I woke up like this’ selfie

A.k.a. the morning selfie. The one you send right after you wake up…or right after you wake up, splash your face with some water, maybe apply a bit of lip gloss and then get back into bed so it looks like you just woke up looking this gorgeous!

The sunkissed selfie

The one where the sunlight falls on your face embracing your skin and making you glow like no makeup product can. Sunkissed selfies are best clicked when you’re on a road trip or when you’re soaking in the winter sun on the hills sipping some hot coffee.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- sunkissed

The blur selfie

This selfie is an indication of drunk times with blurry memories. Most of us click these in the ladies’ restroom or on the dance floor when we are super buzzed but having a gala time.

The fish gape selfie

We all know about the duck face selfie, but fish gape selfies are the new thing. All you have to do is open your mouth slightly and give a hopeless gaze to your front camera. It makes you look irresistibly cute. Try it, in case you haven’t clicked dozens already.

The mirror selfie

Don’t you want to flaunt that perfect outfit that you spent hours putting together with the hashtag, #OOTD? A full-length picture is a must, right? And when you don’t have someone to click you, your mirror comes to your aid. Switch on the back camera and snap!

The Ultimate Guide To Good Selfies And The Best Poses- mirror selfie

The velfie

A video selfie because the cliched still selfies are too mainstream? You can capture the moment live and relive it with more memories if you have a video selfie in your phone gallery. Imagine the waves behind you at a beach or snowflakes falling, no still picture can capture that moment, no?

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