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21 Different Types Of Kisses… And What They Really Mean

21 Different Types Of Kisses… And What They Really Mean

Kissing is one of the most fun and beautiful parts of being intimate with someone – not many would argue here. The first slightly nervous kiss when your lips meet and your heartbeat quickens, the stolen kiss when no one is looking, the deep, passionate embrace – each is so special and always adds a new dimension to the relationship.Surely then, no one could possibly argue the importance of different types of kisses when you’re being intimate with someone. For there has to be one for every mood!

So whether you are a first-timer looking for tips to have the perfect kiss or somebody just looking to spice things up in the bedroom, we’ve got an extensive list of different types of kisses for you to try. All these come well-recommended and you need to try them at least once in your life. We’ve also got some dos and don’ts as well as tips to help you blow your partner’s mind and make them go weak in the knees! Soon they’ll be singing ‘one kiss is all it takes’. *wink*

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Types Of Kisses

There are tons of kissing styles that people around the world indulge in. Some we know, some we don’t! But do you know the meaning of the kissing style you’ve been practicing? Here are 21 different types of kisses and what they mean!

The Eskimo Kiss

What it is: This kiss originated from the world of eskimos. It’s when you gently rub your nose against your partner’s, back and forth.

What it means: Although this doesn’t sound like the passionate kissing you want during a hot makeout sesh, it can really get things started. It is perfect for the moment right before a kiss.

The French Kiss

What it is: A kiss is called a ‘French kiss’ when a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing.


What it means: Touching of tongues during kissing definitely means a huge step forward in the relationship and your sex life as well!

The Vampire Kiss

What it is: This is a deep kiss on your partner’s neck. It also involves light biting and sucking.

What it means: The neck is one of the most erogenous zones on any person’s body, and the vampire kiss is a great attempt to turn your partner on and get turned on in return!

types of kisses neck kiss


The Earlobe Kiss

What it is: This kiss involves taking your partner’s earlobes by your lips and gently tugging on them.

What it means:  If your partner can pull off the earlobe kiss with ease, then you can say for sure that he knows a thing or two about kissing. Make use of his knowledge and let this kiss give you sensations you didn’t know existed. It also shows the need to get closer to your partner’s body.

The Single-Lip Kiss

What it is: In the single lip kiss, you gently suck on your partner’s lip. It either has to be the lower or the upper lip.

What it means: The single lip kiss signifies passion at its best. Give both the lips equal opportunity and you will love the tingly sensation it leaves behind.


The Upside Down Kiss

What it is: Remember Spiderman? That’s your upside down kiss when your partner’s head is in the opposite direction as yours.

What it means: This kiss is super sensual and romantic and best done in the rain!

The Angel Kiss

What it is: The angel kiss is the sweetest of them all. It’s a gentle touch of your lips near your partner’s eyes.

What it means: As the name suggests, the angel kiss is a pure form of showing love and affection. It’s usually given when saying goodbye to someone!


Back Of The Neck Kisses

What it is: Kissing your partner on the nape of the neck, below the hairline or on the back.

What it means: The neck and back are extremely sensitive for most people. So, kissing your partner on the nape of the neck or trailing kisses down their back can be a turn on. Things will get really intense really fast!  

The Teaser Kiss

What it is: When it comes to how many types of kisses, imagination knows no bounds. This kiss begins from the forehead, moving to the lips, then to the arms and then back up again!

What it means: If you and your partner have been practicing the teaser kiss, then maybe it’s a signal to take things a step further!


A Kiss On The Hand

What it is: When you take your partner’s hand and lovingly kiss the back of the palm.

What it means: It shows your admiration for your partner you’re kissing. It’s a sweet and sensitive kiss that expresses your desire to be closer to your partner.

types of kisses hand kiss

The Bite And Nibble Kiss

What it is: This one is quite simple, all you have to do is add a soft bite or nibble to any regular kiss!


What it means: This kind of kiss is an attempt to add a bit of spice to your make out routine. So, don’t hold back and get right into it!

The Lizard Kiss

What it is: When it comes to different types of kisses, you can afford to be a little spicy! Move your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth in quick strokes and you have the lizard kiss!

What it means: Although it might sound a little weird, the lizard kiss actually brings tons of excitement and adventure to your relationship!

The Jaw Kiss

What it is: Kissing your partner’s jawline all the way across.


What it means: While making out with your partner, it is extremely sexy and sensual to kiss their jawline. You can do it as a lead up to the final kiss. Usually, partners who are extremely close to each other end up kissing on the jaw.

The Cheek Kiss

What it is: As the name suggests, a peck on the cheek!

What it means: It’s an adorable way of expressing affection. It could be platonic or romantic, depending on the person.

The Forehead Kiss

What it is: A soft and cute kiss planted on the forehead. Out of all the types of kisses out there, nothing matches romance like the forehead kiss.


What it means: This kiss, basically, shows deep affection and love. It doesn’t necessarily have a romantic meaning attached to it.

The Sipping

What it is: Take a sip of a liquid and pass it on to your partner while kissing them.

What it means: Another way of adding a fun twist to the normal french, the sipping makes it even sweeter. Share some sparkling wine with each other while kissing and it’ll be the most intoxicating thing you ever do!

The Foot Kiss

What it is: Trailing kisses down on your partner’s feet and lightly nibbling their toes.


What it means: Most people have extremely ticklish feet and it can be so exciting kissing them there. It also happens to be one of the ways you can prolong the foreplay and tease them a little.

types of kiss foot kiss

Butterfly Kiss

What it is: It is when you are kissing your partner and you are so close to them that your eyelashes touch. When it comes to the question of how many types of kisses are out there, the butterfly is definitely a sweet kind!

What it means: This is one of the most intimate kisses and this can also be a sign that your partner is madly in love with you.

A Lingering Kiss

What it is: This one is all about lip to lip action with a few pauses in between.


What it means: It’s the kind of kiss where you just can’t stop. Kissing your partner becomes such a high that all you stop for is a few breaths in between.

Air Kisses

What it is: Do you remember the kisses you see in movies where people give out a ‘mwaah’ next to someone’s cheek in the air? Well, that’s an air kiss!

What it means: It is just a way of greeting somebody in a social setting! You probably don’t want to try this with your partner because it’s completely platonic and unromantic.

The Hickey

What it is: Kissing your partner in a way that you leave a bruise on their skin by sucking too hard. Of all the different types of kisses out there, this one is definitely the hottest!


What it means: Usually a way to mark your territory, hickeys happen in a moment of passion without realizing. It also shows that the two partners had a pretty good night! *wink*

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Why Is Kissing Important In A Relationship?

Kissing is how it all starts and as they say, well begun is half done. It’s also how you express love and let the other person know that they’re wanted, in a primal way. While kissing may seem all about passion and expression, there’s more to it than that! In fact, it has been scientifically proven that kissing has mental and physical benefits that’ll help you improve your relationship. Find them out here!

  • Boosts Sex Drive 
    A good, passionate kiss sets the stage for what’s more to come. Also, did you know that kissing releases testosterone – a hormone that is responsible for sexual arousal? So, kissing is always a good way to initiate intimacy.
  • It’s A Compatibility Check
    Did you know a lot of women do make their decision to have sex with men based on how well they kiss? It is a good way to check the sexual compatibility between the two partners. If your partner is disinterested during the makeout session, you don’t really want to take things forward.
  • Helps Partners Communicate
    Sometimes, non-verbal communication does work better than all the words you could ever put together. Want to express love for your partner? Kiss! Want to make up after a fight? Kiss. Want to apologize? Kiss. Problem solved. And with all the different types of kisses out there, you are definitely spoilt for choice!
  • Gives You An Overdose Of Happy Hormones 
    Kissing releases a cocktail of happy hormones – oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin – you name it. That’s why you always feel better after a makeout session.
  • It Promotes Bonding 
    Like we said, kissing releases oxytocin. This hormone causes feelings of affection and attachment. So, kissing your partner can improve your relationship and brings satisfaction in a long-term relationship.

    types of kisses oh god

  • Such A Stress Buster
    The human body produces cortisol, the stress hormone. In fact, it is responsible for your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. But when you’re kissing, the happy hormones are produced to reduce cortisol levels. So in turn, it helps relieve stress. This happens every time you express affection and cuddle. Not a bad way to live a stress-free life now, is it? And the best part, all the types of kisses give you many options for stress relief! 😉
  • Boosts Your Esteem
    Speaking of reduced cortisol levels, a study found that people who were unhappy with themselves had higher levels of cortisol. Since make-out sessions reduce cortisol production, kissing also helps boost your self-esteem and feeling of self-worth.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
    Another great health benefit. We all know that kissing increases your heart rate but the truth is that it does in a way that it dilates your blood vessels. And when your blood vessels dilate, your blood flow increases, causing an immediate drop in blood pressure. So, kissing is good for the heart, literally and figuratively.
  • It Provides An Escape
    In long-term relationships, sometimes we forget to take a moment to check in with our partners. Kissing may seem superficial and a waste of time, but taking out a few minutes every day just to kiss your partner will make real life easier to deal with!
  • Relieves Cramps And Soothes Headaches
    The health benefits of kissing are innumerable. The increased blood flow can actually reduce cramps. Also, the happy hormones released can actually relieve headaches because of reduced stress levels. Now you should be kissing your partner two times – when you’re on your period and when you aren’t. Life sorted.
  • Improves Immune System
    It may sound a little gross but swapping saliva can introduce new bacteria into your body and strengthen your germ-fighting abilities. Why not try it with different types of kisses?
  • Tones Facial Muscles
    Want a sharper jawline and more defined cheekbones? Kiss your partner! Kissing can involve anywhere from 2 to 34 face muscles. That’s a lot of muscles and a legit workout for your face.

    types of kisses dos and donts
  • Burns Calories 
    Need more reasons to kiss your partner? Then how do burning calories sound to you? Depending on how passionately you work those face muscles, you could burn anywhere from 2 to 26 calories per minute! Woot woot!
  • Prevents Cavities 
    Since kissing stimulates salivary glands, there is an increased production of saliva (obviously)! Saliva keeps your mouth lubricated and helps prevent food particles from sticking to your teeth and helps reduce the chances of cavities! So, kiss away, my friends.

How To Kiss – Dos And Don’ts

Just like with anything else, there are some hard rules that come with kissing too. So here’s a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to kissing your partner.


Ask For Permission

Let me say it again – ask for permission. There is nothing sexier than a (wo)man who leans in and asks if it’s okay to kiss you. You may have consented non-verbally but whispering that breathless yes just before he places his lips on yours is such a heady feeling. Consent can’t be assumed.

Don’t Have Bad Breath

Bad breath is the worst! Ignoring your oral hygiene in any situation is bad but when you know you’ll be kissing someone, it’s worse. Do not subject your partner to bad breath. Brush, floss, drink water and do everything in your power to have fresh breath. Also, no smelly foods right before naughty time.

No Chewing Gum

You may need a chewing gum or a mint to freshen up your breath quickly but spit it out before you start kissing your partner. You cannot underestimate how quickly things can get messy with gum in your mouth.

Take Care Of Your Lips

This goes for both the sexes. If your lips are chapped, it will be like kissing sandpaper and that isn’t pleasurable for anyone. A lip balm can totally help you with that, so try and carry one with you at all times. Another little tip is to exfoliate your lips lightly with a toothbrush every morning. Super soft lips, FTW!

types of kisses lip care


Where Are Your Hands?

It is an age old question – where do I place my hands while kissing my partner? Where is situational but in all cases, where not is definitely by your side. You’re into your partner, aren’t you? So, be a little passionate and slip your fingers into his hair or run them down his back.

Setting Is Everything

The setting is all about the timing of the kiss and the place where you’re doing it. The right time to kiss them for the first time is probably not when you’re down with flu and they’ve come to visit you. Or in your bedroom when you’ve taken them home to meet your parents. Not that you can’t do it at all, but just be careful that the setting is romantic. Nobody likes to be walked in on or caught in a situation they can’t get out of, least of all when all you want to do is make out with your partner.

Understand Your Partner’s Moves

You’ll know what’s working and what’s not by your partner’s reactions. If they’re moaning and going harder, you’re doing the right thing and if they’re backing off, change your tactics. It’s easier to assess the situation than you think. Just be present.

No Teeth

I know people who’ve come back from sexy time with a cut on their lip or a blue lip. It can be painful for the person on the receiving end unless you’re into things like that. But if you’re just starting out and you don’t know your partner’s preferences, then the best way to go about is to have a no teeth policy for the first few times. After that, a nibble here or there is actually kind of sexy.


Don’t Attack Your Partner

Your partner is not to be attacked – this is lovemaking, not an ambush. Start out slowly, with tiny kisses on their lips before you deepen it to make it more than just a sweet kiss. Consider the possibility that your partner may get intimidated if you’re too intense, too soon. Starting out a little slow will also give you time to figure out the approach you need to take.

Follow Your Partner’s Lead

We’re not asking you to surrender to your partner and stand there completely still. But give in a little and let your partner take the lead. Not only will this be more intimate than both of you trying to dominate the other, but it will also help you understand your partner’s preferences and what they like.

It’s More Than Just Lips

There’s room for more, of course. Start with a small peck on the lips and then move on to trailing kisses down their jaw all the way to their neck. A little nibble on the ear or a kiss on the nape of the neck will totally up your kissing game and leave your partner addicted to your kisses

Don’t Flood ‘Em

Please control that saliva. It can get disgusting when your partner gives you wet(ter) kiss. Wet lips and a little saliva is fine but you guys, no bucket loads.


Support Your Partner

Dear men, this one is especially for you. A lot of girls I know tend to have a bad case of weak knees whenever they’re kissed well. So, hold your partner and support their weight. It may also happen that you push them against a wall or pick them up. All through this, do not let them slip or fall.

types of kisses support

Take Feedback Well

Do not be offended or feel bad if your partner gives you a little feedback about your kissing techniques. Do not go on an ego trip and get annoyed with them. They’re only helping you up your skills and as they say, sex and wine only get better with time. So, the experience will only help!


Imagine opening your eyes in the middle of a kiss and having your partner stare back at you. The convention is to keep your eyes closed during a kiss. You can also alternate between opening them for a few seconds and shutting them again.

Needless to say, kissing is one of the most intimate experiences you can ever share with your partner. Now that you know all about the different types of kisses you can experiment with, go ahead and spice up your next makeout sesh!


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This story was updated in January 2019.

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