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Thank Us Later: 9 Types Of Jeans That You Should Totally Know About

Chances are that the most used, most favourite pair of denim in your wardrobe might be half a decade old. Well no judgments ‘coz that’s the deal with good jeans– once you find the right fit, there is no going back. That said, given that jeans are easily our most worn garment, it wouldn’t really hurt if we were to learn more about all the types of jeans for women, right?

In fact, the information would only help us make more informed decisions in the future and reach for that perfect style of jeans without trying some 1000 of them. With exactly that thought in mind, we have thus curated a list of all types of jeans that exist. Without further ado, let’s dig in:

Different Types of Jeans For Women

Always end up trying a ton of random jeans in the supermarket while remaining unaware of what kind of jeans would suit you the most? Well, we are here to change that for once and for all. Here is a list describing all the different types of jeans for girls so that you never feel lost while shopping for jeans ever again. Scroll through:

Baggy Jeans

A polarising hit this year, the baggy denim have made a smashing comeback from the 90s this year. A mention of baggy denim and the mind automatically goes to the very young Courtney Cox in Friends. Well, now you know exactly what kind of jeans we are discussing here. We suspect that the style has gained popularity to the entire pyjamas and chill phase last year. Well, whatever be the reason fuelling this trend, we are all in and here is a chic pick for you. 

Skinny Jeans

This is the type of jeans that everyone should have at least one pair of. Reason? Well, ‘coz it flatters all body types and is more of a no-fail, classic now. All sorts of silhouettes might come and go but this style is surely here to stay and that’s exactly why we believe that this is the best jeans style for women. Might we suggest this offering by Spykar?

Ripped Jeans

Remember 2016 when all of us rushed to buy ripped jeans and all the ‘can’t you buy new clothes’ jokes that followed. Well, those were the days, right? Well, lucky for this style of jeans as it has found a way of remaining in vogue owing to the fact that it can easily be amalgamated with all kinds of silhouettes. Well, sorry to the neighborhood aunty who won’t stop commenting on your ripped jeans ‘coz these babies aren’t going out of style anytime soon. 

Cigarette Jeans/Straight

The dressy cousin of your humble denim, this style of jeans is for women who like to keep it slightly formal and polished. From crop tops to crisp shirts, they go well with almost all waist up separates and that’s exactly the beauty of this style. 

Bell Bottom

But who wears bell buttons these days you ask? Well, only the most forward ladies ‘coz this 90s style is also making a major comeback right now. This type of jeans has a certain flamboyant vibe attached to them and well, we approve. 

Boot Cut

The slightly more modest version of bell-bottoms is for the ladies who like to keep it both fun and understated in the same go. This type of jeans for ladies is also making a major comeback right now and we insist that you get your hands on this iconic silhouette. 

High Rise

Been working your core and want to throw some focus on that sculpted waist? This style of jeans is custom-made for you! High rise jeans are fun, fashionable, and also quite flattering.

Boyfriend Jeans

Whoever told you that sweatshirts are the only thing that you can steal from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, hid a huge ass secret from you–the boyfriend jeans! So basically think of boyfriend jeans as an androgynous take on the garment. Also, you can totally lend one to your boyfriend provided he can fit into it!

Mom Jeans

This retro denim is also making a comeback right now and we love this style of jeans because of how comfy and flattering it happens to be. 


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So ladies, well-versed with the different types of jeans for women now?

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30 May 2021

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