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Don’t Hang Up Your Hat! 12 Types of Hats for Women And Ways to Style Them

Don’t Hang Up Your Hat! 12 Types of Hats for Women And Ways to Style Them

Hats have been around for years and have been worn for various occasions and purposes. Some wear hats to protect them from harsh weather conditions, some for religious reasons and others as a mere fashion accessory. Like a Toque that’s worn by Chefs or a turban worn by Sikhs, or a cowboy hat to protect a cowboy from the sun while they work on the field – each hat has a purpose. Whatever yours might be, you can’t deny that hats become an extension of one’s personality. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of hats for women and how to style them. 

12 Types of Hats For Women

If you find your favourite designer hat below, we’ll also teach you how to style and carry it off. Are you ready to make a serious style statement? Amazing! You’re about to learn how to stand out from the crowd by just wearing something as intrinsic as a hat!

1. Beret

Originated from France and Spain, Berets were first part of the military uniform, they became a fashion accessory much later on. They’re flat hats with no rims and are loved by fashion bloggers worldwide. Berets are available in different fabrics such as wool, cotton and acrylic. They add a classy touch to just about any outfit. 

How To Style The Hat

You can wear them with formal outfits such as pantsuits, black trousers, bodycon dresses and sleek, pencil skirts. Since the beret is the main focus, avoid carrying larger-than-life bags. A tiny clutch or a sling bag would work just fine.

2. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats aren’t popular in India yet, but they will be someday. Inspired by the West, cowboy hats aren’t only reserved for folks from Texas or New Mexico, if you’ve got the confidence, even you can pull it off. During summers, when the heat is terrible in India, cowboy hats can protect you from getting blinded by the sun and save you from getting sunstroke. 

How To Style The Hat

Since cowboy hats are wide and large, you might want to stick to a sleeker outfit. Tight jeans, tucked-in white shirt, red lipstick on the pout and wedges or boots to make your feet look stylish as hell.

3. Derby Hat

Derby hats are elegant and aesthetic hats to wear to an important function like a daytime catholic wedding or a horse racing event. They’re iconic English hats and have been popular since the 1800s. You can’t wear them every day, they’re meant for special occasions only.

How To Style The Hat

This hat should be teamed up with a dainty necklace, a patterned sheath dress, a gorgeous clutch and pretty pumps!

4. Fur Pillbox Hat

A beanie won’t make the cut in extremely cold climates. You need something more hardy and fluffy – like a fur pillbox hat. The hat is furry, has a flat crown and does not have a brim. If you’re travelling to cold countries from India like Russia, Greenland, Canada or Finland, the fur pillbox hat will keep you warm from the cold. 

How to Style The Hat

Wear this hat with a black turtleneck sweater, a brown plaid blazer with tapered pants and maybe a few dainty accessories and you’ll look like a model straight out of a fashion magazine.

5. Pom Pom Hat

If you’ve travelled to Canada before, people over there usually refer to this hat as a ‘toque’. It looks like a beanie but has a fuzzy, fluffy bobble at the top. They come in various sizes and colours and are designed to add style and sophistication to any basic outfit.

How to Style The Hat

Picture this – pom pom hat, white long-sleeved hat, drape-vest coat and high heeled ankle boots! If you post an OOTD picture on the ‘Gram, you’re bound to get plenty of likes and new followers.

6. Fedora

Fedoras were first worn by men and later the trend caught on to women as well. Compared to fedoras designed for men, women have their fedoras made more feminine, tinner and embellished with cutesy ornaments such as pearls, flowers and ribbons. Just how a woman feels confident and empowered when she wears a red lipstick or a red dress, fedoras are one of the few fashion accessories that give off the same effect. 

How To Style The Hat

When wearing a fedora, keep your style casual and relaxed. Floral dresses, jumpsuits, jeans with a coat – can contribute to making a lasting impression.

7. Baseball

If you’re more of a sporty gal, choose a baseball hat. They can be worn by both, men and women, and are designed in such a way that it won’t fall off your head. Keeping your head protected from the sun, the baseball hat is also one of the easiest hats to style!

How To Style The Hat

Baseball hats are practical hats to keep your head cool when you play or travel in the sun. A pair of slacks or shorts, a basic tee and a cute pair of white sneakers will make you look like a sporty diva.

8. Cloche Hat

Cloche hats are lovely to wear to an important work presentation. They make you appear confident and knowledgeable. They rose to fame in France around the 19th century and are still popular today among women. They are long hats that have a small brim and come in colourful colours. 

How To Style The Hat

Cloche hats look amazing when clubbed with button-down tops, turtleneck dresses, shirt dresses and so on. Be careful of wearing flats as it can destroy the look. You must wear pumps or stilettos when sporting a cloche hat.

9. Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are still in vogue in Bohemian culture. It gets its name from its floppy, wobbly rim and looks oh-so-stylish on women who have long, wavy hair. It’s a fun type of hat that’s to be worn when you’re going to shop for groceries or catch up with friends for lunch. 

How To Style The Hat

Floral dress, jeans, tees, asymmetrical skirts, tank tops these hats look lovely on such outfits.

10. Military Hat

A hat that’s usually worn by pilots, ship captions and military soldiers. It’s a flat cap that has a soft top and thick and heavy band of material at the base of the crown area. You usually get them in neutral colours such as brown, beige, grey and khaki. 

How To Style The Hat

To be worn with jeans, a fluffy jacket or a denim one, tight jeans and knee-length boots.

11. Sun Hats

Sun hats were first worn by lifeguards to keep them protected and safe from the sun. Made from straw and plant fibre, these hats are lightweight and trendy. They’re a perfect vacation hat to carry to a beach or a tropical island like Bali, Bora Bora, Ko Samui, Lombok and other such beachy destinations. 

How To Wear This Hat

This hat looks best when worn along with a sarong, bikini, floral flowy dress and a pretty pair of sandals or flip flops.

12. Beanie

There are two types of beanies out there – snug and slouchy beanies. The functionality is the same, but the style is different. Both of them are basically head-hugging knit hats made from wool that keep your head warm and comfortable during winter. They’re available in different colours and patterns. It’s the perfect kind of hat to wear when you’re having a bad hair day or just not in the mood to style your mane. 

How To Style The Hat

Beanies look best when teamed with basics. A white tee, skinny jeans, an oversized beige court and fluffy boots – you’re bound to grab eyeballs!


1. When should women wear hats?

Anytime during the day. They add sophistication to one’s outfit and sometimes, perceived as an extension to one’s personal style. Should be avoided at night as it defeats the purpose of protecting one from the sun.

2. Can hats be worn indoors?

Not really. Unless it’s worn at a place of worship like a temple or a church. You’ll have to take a call according to the situation. In most cases, it should not be a problem. A few places where you can wear a hat while staying indoors – airports, public transportation, long corridors, hotels, train stations etc. 

3. When to not wear a hat?

Always take off your hat during funerals, national anthems, weddings, theatres, school and fancy restaurants.   

4. What’s the difference between a hatter and milliner?

A hatter is someone who sells and repairs hats, while a milliner is one who is responsible for manufacturing and designing hats

5. Popular hats for women?

Fedoras, floppy hats, sunhats and berets!

Whichever hat you choose, consider investing in one keeping practicality and weather conditions in mind. If you live in a country that has a tropical climate, you won’t be able to wear beanies or fur pillbox hats. Also, keep your body frame in mind. If you are slightly on the petite side, floppy and cowboy hats will make you look even tinier. Finding the perfect hat that fits just right is all about trial and error. Good luck!

Featured Image: Unsplash


28 Apr 2020

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