11 Types Of Crazy Dancers At A Desi Wedding – Which One Are You?

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  Sep 22, 2017
11 Types Of Crazy Dancers At A Desi Wedding – Which One Are You?


Indian weddings are notorious for being crazy, larger than life and oh-so-theatrical.  But there’s one thing we know for sure; no matter what the scale of the wedding, it’s totally incomplete without it’s share of naach-gaana. Let us introduce you to the types of dancers you’ll find at every Indian wedding. No, really! Just observe next time.

1. The Bollywood Brigade

This type of dancer was picked right out from a Dharma movie! Yes, they know all the steps just as it was shown in the movie and they’ll lip sync the whole song too. Please don’t disrupt them as they live out their Bollywood dreams, one thumka at a time!

1 types of dancers - alia varun soty

2. Too Shy To Shake

You’ll know the shy dancers merely from the fact that they were staying away from the dance floor until someone forcefully pulled them up. They are totally uncomfortable with all the attention and are moving just enough for it to still be called ‘dancing’.

2 types of dancers

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3. The Jhalak Dikhlaja Type!

This person is here to woo audiences with fancy dance moves and has some real tricks up their sleeve! They want all the attention on them and don’t care that this sangeet is not actually a competition. I bet you’ll know the type when you see them in action!

3 types of dancers - ranbir kapoor yjhd

4. The Drunk Dancers

The newly appointed ‘dancers’ are usually the crowd that’s had their fill at the bar and think it’s best they realize their hidden ambition right this minute. There’s always an intoxicated bunch at the dance floor and no, they’re not subtle at all. PS: Find them usually doing things like making trains on the dance floor and pulling everyone in! We throw no shade for we’ve been there, tbh.

4 types of dancers

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5. The Much In Love Duo

You know the kind naa? They make every song into a romantic number and would like you to marvel at their cuteness. Well, not to say they aren’t cute but Galla Goodiyan isn’t a couple song ok, so please stop holding each other and dance with everyone already!

5 types of dancers - alia varun romantic

6. The Western Dancer

This person is not at all here for all the Bollywood music. But play a popular English number and watch them salsa, jive, hip-hop, and even create their own dance form out of excitement. Too bad they lose all their steam as the music switches to Bollywood again!

6 types of dancers

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7. The Balle Balle Crew

Bhangra is not a dance form, okay? It is an emotion. And these people are out and about to add it to every song playing on the dance floor. So if you’re not a fan of Bhangra, stay away from the balle balle crew!

7 types of dancers - ranveer gallan goodiyan

8. The Flirty Dancer

Hey hey, no judgement at all! It’s a proven fact that weddings are a great place to meet people. But you can so tell when someone (male or female) is dancing more with their eyes than with their feet. Yup, this person is intent on sending our feelers and wants all the singletons to know about them. Even their dance moves are sexier than others and way more…umm…targeted – if you know what we mean.

8 types of dancers

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9. The Dancing Group

There will always be this one bunch of people on the dance floor who seem to be on their own tangent. They’ll be doing some funny moves – probably something that’s an old joke or something – and will be thoroughly enjoying themselves while everyone else is a little perplexed!

9 types of dancers - znmd senorita

10. ‘Mera Wala Gaana’ Dancer

There’s always this one person who spends more time at the DJ console requesting songs than actually dancing to them. This person has some very specific ideas about dance numbers and hence, feels the need to keep going to the DJ again and again…and again!

10 types of dancers

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11. Last Man Standing!

Don’t be fooled by the title, the last man standing could also be a woman. This person is an energizer bunny on the dance floor and has been at it the whole night. People have come, danced, and gone home even – but this dancer just won’t quit and is probably still at that very dance floor at the wedding (you should go check!). Commendable really!

11 types of dancers - deepika padukone dancing

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