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Types of Belts for Women

From Sleek To Studded & In-Between, 15 Types Of Belts Everyone Will Be Asking You About

Ladies, just in case you had missed the memo on belts, we brought it straight to you here instead. The must-have fashion accessory has evolved into a whole other vibe, meaning there are more types of belts now than the same old one in your wardrobe. Fortunately, you don’t need to wonder what they are; we got them sorted out for you, ready to be shopped and flaunted on your next outing. Be it the ones best-suited to be teamed with a pair of jeans, a dress or a coat, the best belts for women lie just ahead.

Types Of Belts For Women’s Dresses

The great thing about belts for women’s dresses is that the accessory is always centre stage. Cinching the waist with a belt not only gives your dress an instant uplift, but it also gives you yet another way to style it. Having said that, of course, the belt itself needs to be at par with your closet essentials. Whether it’s a good old LBD or a chic floral iteration, we picked out certain types of the accessory that are bound to work like a charm. Here’s taking a deep dive!

Braided Belt

The name itself speaks volumes about the braided belt, a cool chic version to wear when you want to make an impression. Fuss-free and rather simple, the intertwined accessory incorporates intricacy while usually keeping it minimal. Should you be on the lookout for a belt for blazer dress, it just doesn’t get better than this. 

Pearl Beaded Belt

Yes, you read that right! Along with the rest of your accessories going through a pearl-encrusted phase, belts are catching up as well. And if the outfit in discussion is a dress, rest assured that a pearl belt, ranging from an OTT one to a subtle version, will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Corset Belt

Whether you are a minimalist or someone who likes to keep it larger than life, this intricate accessory can easily be ranked as one of the best belts for women, especially if it’s an occasion you are decking up for. Add over your contemporary tunics and breezy dresses alike to make a mark!

Twist Belt

Having been worn by the likes of celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, this is yet another eye-catching iteration that your wardrobe could benefit from. Make a selection from an achromatic black version or pick one with printed deets; whatever your preferred dress demands!

Bow Belt

Speaking of the types of belts for ladies, one simply cannot discard the go-to party version, i,e, a bow belt! As the name denotes, this accessory comes accompanied with a bow detail, one that you can choose in terms of colour, size, design type and other elements as per your wish. 

Types Of Belts For Women’s Jeans

In case you have missed it, the lowdown on belts for women’s jeans is that the more utilitarian they are, the better it is. That’s not to say that they compromise on the style front. Complete with both the elements, a stellar find from amongst the many types of belt for women will give you an uber-chic option that you can style on repeat.

Metal Detail Belt

A metallic detail, no matter how it is incorporated, adds an instant glimmer to your outfit. Then again, you could opt for a slight buckle finish, some beaded touches added to the go-to accessory and more. Considering how versatile it is, this belt for women really fits the bill on a number of occasions!

Skinny Belt

Failsafe, utilitarian and fuss-free, the skinny belt is all one needs to keep it relaxed in a pair of jeans. Rest assured, you can find one that gives it a distinct spin, just like this tan offering with an unmissable knot detail.

Suspender Belt

For those of you who like to keep it unconventional, we may have found the ideal pick from the array of belts for women’s jeans. A pair of suspenders! Yes, it’s not the basic ‘tie-around-the-waist’ version but hey, suspenders are a super cool accessory to stand out from the crowd. What’s more is that you can also add them to your work wardrobe for an old-school vibe.

Peplum Belt

If a dressier going-out look had been on your mind for quite some time, we suggest investing in this iteration that comes with an attached peplum and instantly uplifts the appearance of your basic pair of jeans or trousers. An innovative accessory with details to spare, this belt for women’s jeans will have everyone asking where you got it from.

Reversible Belt

What’s better than one belt, you ask? Two of them rolled into one, just like this uber-utilitarian accessory. Not only can you experiment with colours, but you could also opt for a type of belt that includes varied texture and design details. 

Types Of Belts For Women’s Coats

And finally, we come to the great big outerwear! Sure, your coat is a dynamic option in itself but have you tried giving it the ‘belt’ treatment? Whether you are someone who likes to go the minimal route or a true blue maximalist at heart, there are plenty of options to explore within the belts for women’s coats. From details that will elevate your look in a jiffy to the classic approach, take a plunge into the types and the selections you can make from within it.

Horseshoe Bit Belt

Another unique and standout accessory to opt for from belts for women, the horseshoe bit version, as the name suggests, draws inspiration from the shape of a horseshoe to serve this version. Given that the emphasised buckle serves as a great add-on to sleek trench coats and baggier ones you would want to cinch, this is one of the most coveted styles you could try. 

Embroidered Belt

Do we even need to say anything about the appeal of embroidery? The colour, the details and the craftsmanship come together to steal the show, no matter where the technique is used and clearly, the same holds true in terms of an embroidered type of belt for ladies. We could get this one without batting an eyelid.  

Embellished Belt

Next to an embroidered version, your coats could benefit from having an embellished belt accompany them. In case you were on the fence, beads, sequins and a bit of glimmer are all acceptable. As an added bonus, you can re-wear it with your Indian wear ensembles as well. 

Belt With Buckle Detail

We have already mentioned what the look and appeal of a stellar buckle can do, but such is the reach that it needs reiterating! Which brings us to this fine, versatile version to pair with your coats for a happy (and stylish) outing. 

Stretch Waist Belt

Think of a comfortable version of the accessory. Now multiply it with a solid 10! Bound to keep you feeling relaxed and looking stylish, this one from amongst the belts for women’s coats takes the cake in terms of function. Need we say anything more?

More Accessories To Shop

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All set to make a mark with your chosen pick? 

Featured Image: Sonam Kapoor/Shaleena Nathani On Instagram


14 Jan 2021

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