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11 Types Of Bags For The Girl Who Likes To Carry Her World With Her!

11 Types Of Bags For The Girl Who Likes To Carry Her World With Her!

You are browsing through your Instagram and you see Alia Bhatt posing with her Caprese bag and two posts later you see a Fendi peekaboo which is a star in itself. Of course, you want both, they look great and you can totally use them, you’ve probably already promised yourself that once you buy them, you’ll carry them to as many events as possible. Having a closet full of all your favourite accessories is a dream come true but with the number of innovations fashion industry welcomes every year, it’s also unlikely. Especially, handbags, which are amongst the most functional accessory in your wardrobe. Not only does it holds your necessary products but also, gives your ensemble a more polished look. While clutches are becoming a popular choice, you know you’ll need a crossbody for trips. We understand the confusion, it’s overwhelming, there are so many choices, in every fabrication, colour and in all kinds of budget. So, here’s a guide to the 11 types of bags you’ll ever need.

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A Stylish Leather Satchel

1 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

This is an essential handbag for the workplace. You can always opt for a larger bag but a satchel can hold almost all your necessary belongings for the day. If you are carrying it every day, it’s best to choose a classic colour like black, dark brown and grey. Try to avoid whites or pastels as they reveal stains and scuffs easily.


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When you are buying a satchel, make sure to pick the right bag for your look. You might fall in love with the design of a bag without realising how it would look on you until you first go out with it. For example, if you are tall, a medium or large satchel would look great on you, while if you are petite, you know you can rock the smaller designs better.  

Price: Rs 2,605. Buy it here.

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Date With A Day Clutch

2 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

A pastel, comfy daytime clutch is a great option for you, if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy carrying big bags and if you are good at editing what should go in your bag and what should move out. Smaller pouches are also an option for you but a clutch will add up to your chic look better. You can go for a clutch with multiple pockets or with a bit of dimension, it’ll make it easier for you to carry your essentials. Have fun with this style of bag, it’s relatively cheaper and is available in various patterns, you can play with different colours and materials.

In case you need a larger bag to survive your day at work but are in love with fancy clutches, you can always pop the clutch into your bigger bag and store what’s necessary in it.      

Price: Rs 833. Buy it here.


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Cross-body Connection

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The cross-body bag comes with a great freedom of movement while keeping your essentials close. A good cross-body bag will give you a sturdy strap and it comes with an adjustable front flap so you can adjust the length of it as per your convenience. Don’t go for a heavy one and get it in medium size. If you pick a small one, it won’t be rightfully functional and if you choose a big size, it may throw off the balance of your look. And it certainly looks chicer than a regular backpack.  

Price: Rs 1,099. Buy it here.


Box-It-All-In Evening Clutch

4 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

There’s a chance that you already own an evening clutch because you wanted to carry a fancy bag to your best friend’s wedding and you didn’t have many options so you bought it. This is one of those bag styles you only buy when a special occasion calls for it. But it is a bag that you need for your evening events. The most versatile and seasonless style to own is metallic clutch in gold or silver, perhaps, or a classic black one (you can choose between glitter or satin). This is one bag design you would prefer to be timeless because you won’t be using it as much as your other handbags but you would still want to hold on to it for years. If you want to go for a fancier option, you can always look for a bejewelled clutch with studs and gemstones. These clutches have both ethnic and classic appeal and effortlessly, go with almost every ensemble.      

Price: Rs 4,392. Buy it here.

In Love With Straw Basket Bag!

5 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch


The straw basket bags aren’t exactly the party warmers but they are ideally designed for summers. It can easily be your go-to bag for that season. Go for a style that’s more playful than your everyday bags. If you want a simple basket bag design, know that it’ll enhance your chic look but if you are looking at whimsical details that’ll give you an ethnic appeal, which looks great as well. Select a well-made piece and you’ll be surprised by how much you can carry in that bag. These bags were made popular by style icon Jane Birkin in ‘70s. She made it her signature bag, much before The Birkin was made by Hermès in her honour.

Price: Rs 2,999. Buy it here.         

My Medium-Sized Shoulder Bag

6 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

This handbag style might turn out to be the most important one for you because it’s both, stylish and highly functional. Shoulder bags have a sophisticated yet sporty appeal. The style allows better mobility than a satchel or a clutch as you don’t have to hold it in your hand or onto a handle. You usually get a variety of options in rich leather or textured suede but if you are not a fan of leather, a neat canvas fabric bag also looks good and is lightweight. Canvas bags are more appropriate for summers though. And the options are endless so you can experiment with your personal style or just purchase it on basis of the pattern or print you like.       


Price: Rs 1,599. Buy it here.

As Chic As A Tote!

7 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

A tote is not just a big bag to haul stuff around in but it is one bag that can look professional and polished at the same time. It is certainly a type every woman needs. Another handbag style you buy for daily use. You can get your tote depending on your everyday needs, if you just carry a wallet, a phone and your make-up pouch, then you can get a lightweight tote. But if your daily essentials call for a larger bag, go for it. While a leather tote is perfect for workspace, you can explore your options in a canvas tote for weekends and casual outings. 

Price: Rs 3,790. Buy it here.


A Cool & Casual Day Bag

8 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

This bag is your chance to show your personal style as many styles would fall into this category. You can buy a bucket bag or a hobo and that can be your go-to casual day bag. There are endless options depending on your daily essentials you can look at, sporty messenger to a sling. You can keep switching your style. Carry your satchel for 9-5 work and a sleek clutch for an evening party.  

Price: Rs 1,249. Buy it here.

The Classics

9 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch


Alright, we know that no one really needs a designer bag, other bags also do great for you and it isn’t vital, it’s of course, a personal choice. But if you feel like investing in something luxurious, you would want to make sure it is well-built enough to last you for years. That’s what iconic bags such as Hermès Birkin bag, Lady Dior or the highly coveted Chanel 2.55 bag are made for. These bags stand the test of time. They are specifically created to make a statement and they are capable of outlasting any trend or season. For example, the Chanel 2.55 is one of the most coveted handbag that has ever been designed. You always have the option to invest in similar bags, if you are not looking to spend much on your handbag.  

Price: Rs 3,990. Buy it here.

Faux Fur Crush!

10 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

Not everyone likes or encourages the use of fur but faux fur bags can be one of the coolest trends to pull off in winters. The size of the bag depends on your daily needs but it’s definitely one of those styles you can carry to the workplace and at an event as well. We can agree that it is comparatively difficult to maintain a faux fur but it’s a cool and fancy style. This type of bags needs to be stored in the closet with care but just have fun with it. Lighter colours and darker tones, both are equally chic but beige remains an all-time classic.


Price: Rs 4,990. Buy it here.

That Colour Bag, I Like!

11 types of bags  statement bags  handbags  bags  bag  clutch

Black has been an ideal colour for many but at times, it’s good to own colours that define you. Adding the joy of colours to your style can affect both, your style and mood. While a black bag can be paired with both black and other outfit shades, the ideal way to pair a solid coloured bag is to not match it with your clothes. Let the colour of your handbag be in contrast with your ensemble. If you have tried solid reds and blues, then go for a light shade of orange. And if you’ve only been into beiges and taupes, try something vibrant or maybe start with a red handbag.    

Price: Rs 35,749. Buy it here.


So, pick the one you need now and own it!

19 Dec 2017

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