What Kind Of Guys *Attract* You? Your Zodiac Reveals…

Sneha ManandharSneha Manandhar  |  Mar 10, 2017
What Kind Of Guys *Attract* You? Your Zodiac Reveals…


When it comes to dating, we all have a certain ‘type’… The kind of men that we could certainly hit it off with or would instantly be attracted to. Apart from our preferences and opinions our dating style is also affected by our zodiac sign. Read on to know the type of guy you feel attracted to according to your zodiac…

1. Aries – The Lovestruck Fireball

An Aries woman is attracted to a man who will give her attention and treat her like a lady. She wants to be with someone who will bring out the woman in her. She won’t show it but she’s a big romantic at heart and wants her guy to do elaborate things for her. She’s a bundle of energy herself, so a guy better match up to her levels of crazy and awesome.

1 type of guy you feel attracted to

2. Taurus – The Looker With A Heart Of Gold

A Taurus woman can be stubborn at times and wants someone who can pacify her. While being physically attractive does hold a sway, she is much more attracted to someone who is sensitive and caring. She likes having control over her relationship and secretly, she wants a man that she can dominate a little sometimes.

2 type of guy you feel attracted to

3. Gemini – The Book Smart And Street Smart

A Gemini woman is always on the go and always happy and excited about life. She can’t resist a man who will put in effort and woo her relentlessly. She wants a fearless guy who will take the initiative. Most importantly, she wants to date a guy who is the perfect amalgamation of street and book smart.

3 type of guy you feel attracted to

4. Cancer – The Emotional Tough Cookie

A Cancer woman is very emotional but when the situation demands, she can be a tough cookie too. And she feels attracted to guys much like herself. A guy who not all brawn but brains too, with a sensitive side that he’s not shy to show, is the kind of guy who can sweep her off her feet!

4 type of guy you feel attracted to

5. Leo – The Complete Package

A Leo woman is extremely smart and witty, so, a dull mind stands no chance of wooing her. Leos are known for their honesty and patience which is why she will wait for her knight in shining armour for as long as she needs to. She feels attracted to a man who is strong, sensitive, attractive, intelligent, and, most importantly, one who has a good sense of humour! If he can’t make her laugh, he can’t win her heart!

5 type of guy you feel attracted to

6. Virgo – The Calm Casanova

Since a Virgo woman is not the loud and brash speaking kind, she feels attracted to someone of a similar nature. She’s impressed by men who are calm and composed and who only indulge in meaningful conversations. She also likes men who she can depend on to stay true to their word.

6 type of guy you feel attracted to

7. Libra – The Charmer

A Libra woman loves a man who is energetic, gutsy and eager to try new things without giving it too much thought. A man has to be extremely charming to attract a Libra woman’s attention because she herself is the epitome of charm and grace.

7 type of guy you feel attracted to

8. Scorpio – The Tide Rider

A Scorpio woman is attracted to men who show an interest in her hopes and dreams. She can be wild like the wind and she looks for someone who can ride this tide with her and handle it with ease. She wants someone who will understand all her erratic mood swings and be Bonnie to her Clyde.

8 type of guy you feel attracted to

9. Sagittarius – The Out-Of-The-Box Man

A Sagittarius woman is bold in her very own way. She can be very level-headed, extremely mature and wants someone to balance her out in every way. She’s looking for the yin to her yang. She loves all things creative so she instantly feels attracted to people who come up with out of the box ideas!

9 type of guy you feel attracted to

10. Capricorn – The Easygoing Man

A Capricorn woman is known for being very dedicated to her work, but she is also known for putting her dating life or any kind of social life for that matter on the backseat. This is why she feels attracted to a guy who can give her all the space she needs and wants and also knows how to make quality time for her in his busy schedule.

10 type of guy you feel attracted to

11. Aquarius – The Artsy Man

An Aquarius woman is most likely to be drawn to that ‘artsy’ guy. The one who writes poetry and sings under the moonlight and participates in rallies for the causes he believes in because that’s the sort of human being he is. An Aquarian woman is attracted to simple qualities including having an undying love for all forms of art.

11 type of guy you feel attracted to

12. Pisces – The Hopeless Romantic

A Pisces woman is looking for a guy who is a hopeless romantic. Together, they may be the first couple to actually make it to the moon, get married and come back. For her, love does really make the world go around and she wants a guy who will love her just as much as she will love him!

12 type of guy you feel attracted to

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