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Twitterati Express Their Disbelief With Memes As Indians Throng Roads Amid Unlock 2.0

Twitterati Express Their Disbelief With Memes As Indians Throng Roads Amid Unlock 2.0

Having crossed the 2.5 lakh with its coronavirus tally, India currently stands at the 5th rank among the worst-hit nations. So far the country has seen over 7,000 COVID-19 deaths and the situation only seems to deteriorate with Maharasthra alone crossing China’s tally after hitting the 84k mark in terms of the total number of COVID-19 cases in the state. However, despite the spiking cases, India today entered the second phase of ‘Unlock’.

Under the second phase of Unlock or Unlock 2 as it’s being called by the Twitterati, malls, restaurants, places of worship, and offices opened in a number of cities across the country today. And amidst the sharp spike in the COVID-19 cases in India, a recipe for disaster as Unlock 2 sounds, few could have predicted that the entire nation would leave care to reckless abandon on Day 1 itself. 

Right from Mumbaikars casually strolling by Marine Drive (‘coz fitness!!!) to fully packed roads and jams on the roads, things really seem to be going haywire in India right now. Here’s a quick round-up of how India is fairing with Unlock 2:

Already scared of the repercussions of Unlock 2, Twitterati saw the country going all gaga on the roads, did a quick facepalm, and then seized the moment to kick start a meme fest. The memes thus unleashed are fused with loads of sarcasm and hopefully will knock some sense into everyone who has been taking COVID-19 as a joke right now. Here are our picks from the lot:

Sounds About Right!


‘Coz We Could Have Really Prayed From Homes India!

Covidiots On Their Way To Put Everyone At Stake

The Shots Have Been Fired

We Really Need To Calm Down Peeps

Seriously Just Stappphhhh!

‘Coz Even Corona Is Confused

And Seriously, We Are Just Asking For It Right Now

Gulp! *Sweats Nervously*

Daro Indians! Please, Bhagwaan Ke Liye Thoda Daro

Watch And Learn!

Well, at this point we are seriously trying our luck, and if it continues like this then the odds are likely to go against us. It is imperative that we understand the importance of unlocking the country while remaining cognizant of the dangers of COVID-19 here. Just because the lockdown is being lifted, doesn’t mean that the coronavirus has vanished. It is very much present in India, now more than ever and the onus lies on each one of us to understand the delicacy of the situation and act accordingly. Act wise, stay safe! 

Featured Image: Twitter

08 Jun 2020

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