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Genius Quarantine Hacks That’ll Inspire You To Make Creative Use Of All The Home Time

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Mar 24, 2020
Genius Quarantine Hacks That’ll Inspire You To Make Creative Use Of All The Home Time


Okay so, my dad put a lock on our main gate this morning so as to stop our nosey neighbours from barging in unsanitised. Totally working for us, I swear! Like they say adversity is the mother of great inventions and while we still might not have found a cure for the novel coronavirus, people across the world are coming up with some ingenious hacks to make the best of the quarantine time. 

While most of us might be dreading each one of these pandemic scares, some of us seem to be coming with rather mind-blowing hacks to ease our lives in the trying times. We came across a bunch of such hilarious/ingenious hacks and think it’s imperative that we share them with you. So without further ado, here you go:

This Genius Who Got A Luxury Errr Fake Luxury Apartment During Quarantine


This Man Who Turned His Dining Table Into A Pool Table At A ‘Nominal’ Price

Quarantine Parenting Done Right? We’d Say So!


In Case, You Have Too Many People And Very Few Tables At Home


Just The Kind Of Geniuses This World Requires Right Now

Well, This Is One Way Of doing It

Now That You Have Hoarded Despite Being Warned Against It


The Hack That All Of Us Were Waiting For (Needs Some Skills Though)

This Should Come In Handy

Our Fitness Expert, Ekta Alreja Approved!

Oh, Why Didn’t POPxo Fashion Think of This?

And Some Snacking, The Quarantine Way Of Course

How are you making the creative best of your quarantine days guys?

Featured Image: Facebook

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