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4 Game-Changing Tweezer Makeup Hacks That Will Transform The Way You Do Makeup

4 Game-Changing Tweezer Makeup Hacks That Will Transform The Way You Do Makeup

In case of any stubborn stray hair popping out of your well-groomed eyebrows, we always gravitate towards the hero of our tool arsenal – Weezy-Tweezy! A good pair of tweezers is essential for keeping your brows on fleek. Also, for all you women on-the-go, this pair of tweezys fits perfectly in between your constant hustle.

You can repurpose the use of this pair of tweezers into your makeup routine, rather than just plucking those pesky facial hair. Without further ado, let’s find some unexpected tweezer hacks that’ll make your life very, very easy.

4 Tweezer Hacks That Will Change Your Makeup Game


Contouring FTW

Apply the contouring product on your tweezer and tattoo it down the bridge of your nose and then across the tip. And, blend… blend… blend… Use a lighter concealer shade on the tip of the nose and sides, as she has, and you’re good to go.

Ace That Cat Eye

This hack will definitely take a few practice tries before you wing it. Apply liquid or gel eyeliner on the underside of the tweezers and use it as a tattoo stamp. Place it diagonally on the outer corner of your eye to create an outline, then fill it in to complete the appearance.

Perfect Your Brows

Apply brow gel to the tip of your tweezers. Drag your gel-coated tweezers along your arch, squeezing them in towards the end to create two exactly parallel lines. You now have a flawless brow outline. Fill in the flawlessly identical brow lines you’ve just drawn with your favourite brow pencil or brow gel. You’ll never have to worry about uneven brows or a wobbly arch owing to a shaky hand again with this tip. Watch the full mesmerising process on loop.

Apply Falsies

Do you often struggle with falsies? We know the struggle. Wearing false lashes is difficult enough without having to wait for the lash adhesive to become tacky enough for application. Instead of hesitantly attempting to match your lash up to your lash line, gently lift the fake lash with a pair of tweezers for a more exact application. This will not only speed up your false lash routine, but it will also help you locate your lash line more precisely.

A pair of tweezers, anyone?

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Jun 2022

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